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April 22, 2024

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INTERVIEW: Darrin (drummer) from Goldfinger
By: Alex Steininger

Alex: What inspired you guys to write the songs for your album?

Darrin: All of our song are written about life experinces like getting dumped or dumping. Real stuff...I think...I hope.

Alex: Is there any road experience that stands out?

Darrin: We did this show in Charlotte, N.C. and this drunk fat biker chick fought her way on stage and asked us if we knew any blues, we laughed and started playing this traditional blues jam. She busted out a harmonica and started playing it. It was so funny. We were laughing the whole time we were doing it. It was so rad.

Alex: If you tour with any other band, who would it be and why?

Darrin: I would like to tour with rancid someday. I love them and they're nice guys too. I think it would be a good tour. Who knows,stranger things have happened.

Alex: Who are your major influences?

Darrin: Major influences.......Social Distortion, Black Flag, The Desendents, The Beatles, Madness, NoFx, The Police...all kinds of shit.

Alex: What are your band goals for 1997?

Darrin: Our goal for 1997 are to be RICH BEYOND OUR WILDEST DREAMS.....HHHHHHAAAAAA wait, those are the sex pistols goals.......our goals are just to play shows and make more fans and not sell out...

Alex: When you tour, what do you do to cure boredom?

Darrin: When were on tour it's never boring. There's always an adventure going on. I like to skate a lot, work out, read, check out the city were in.

Alex: What is your favorite city to play and why?

Darrin: Our favorite city to play, besides L.A., is New York. The fans there are real cool and the city is cool too.

Alex: Is there any modern bands you like, but really don't influence you?

Darrin: We all like bands that don't influence us. The smiths, The cure, Radiohead, and Weezer.

Alex: When do you plan to come out with a new album?

Darrin: The new record should be out in July sometime.

Alex: Tell me about your new material. What is it about, and what (if any) events in your life will play a role in the writing of the new material.

Darrin: The new material is a lot like the old stuff. A lot of the song are about, surprise surprise...GIRLS....there's gonna be a little more ska on this record. It's gonne be better then the last record.

Alex: Do you consider yourself a rock star?

Darrin: NO, I don't concider ourselves rock stars. Not at all. I hate that term.

Alex: What goes into good music making?

Darrin: Good music making starts with melody, a hook, anything that's gonna stick out and make people remember the song. Good lyrics help too. Good people to make the music is a must.

Alex: What is fun about the music industry, and what just fucking sucks?

Darrin: The fun pert of the music industry is our record label, MoJo. They are like our best friends. There's only 4 people working there and were all friends. It's real cool to have them behind us. The worst part is meeting other labels or whatever and having dinner with them and a month later they don't remember you. That's what Fuck L.A. is all about. People who are two faced.

Alex: What do you say to people when they start turning their backs on bands because they "Sold Out."

Darrin: A lot of people who say "sell out" really don't know the meaning of the term. A sell out is something or someone who does something they don't really want to do for money, like a prostitute. We are not rich like people think we are,the truth is we're $30,000 in the hole from touring and band related expenses. We (the band) aren't making money anytime soon..does that sound like we've "sold out"? All I care about is the fans and the shows....that's it.

Alex: If you could change anything about your debut full length album (self titled) what would it be?

Darrin: I would like to change my drum sounds. I wish they were a little more meatier. Other then that, everything is cool.

Alex: What are the lowest and highest points in your musical career?

Darrin: The high points of our careers has been opening for No Doubt. That tour was real fun. We all had a great time with them and we hope to tour with them again. The low point has to be the sex pistols tour. The band, the crew, and everybody working with us with a few exceptions were all dicks. That tour was a huge mistake. Live and learn I guess.

Alex: How did the band form?

Darrin: The band formed with John and Simon joining forces when they worked at a shoe store in Santa Monica, California. I joined in and we got another guitar player and here we are. The worst band ever.....hehehehehe.

Alex: What is your favorite song on your album?

Darrin: My favorite song on the record has to be King for a Day. It's fun to play and I like the feel of the song.

Alex: What is your favorite album ever recorded by any artist?

Darrin: Favorite song recorded by any artist? Tough question....Louder Then Bombs by The Smiths. weird huh?

Alex: What started you doing your "Mariah Carey and Ru Paul" inpirsinations at your shows?

Darrin: The Ru Paul thing was just a gag. John introduced me as girls and I just ran with it, I don't do it anymore. It was funny while it lasted...

Alex: What is the story about you getting arrested for flashing a crowd, or something like that?

Darrin: The story is, we were playing the Warped Tour in St. Louis and I stood up on the my stool and did this dick tuck thing like I had a pussy, the crowd laughed and it was funny and all but the police didn't think it was funny and they arrested me for indesent exposure. No big deal. I think it's like a fine or something.

Alex: What is your favorite band you have toured with so far, and what band did you dislike touring with?

Darrin: Well, I think you already know the answer to this one. We all really liked touring with No doubt and hated touring with the Sex Pistols.

Alex: There is a lot of controversy about how to classify your music. A lot of people call it ska punk, others call it just punk with ska influences, and some call it pop music. How would you classify your music?

Darrin: I would clasify our music as pop with punk and ska influences. We are moving to a more pop vibe these days but we will always have fast punk songs and ska songs in our records. It's hard to put your finger (no pun intended) on our style. I guess it's just music.

Alex: What is life away from the band like? Girlfriends? Activities without the band, etc?

Darrin: Simon and I have girlfriends and we miss them a lot. John and I like to go to the beach and surf. I love to go to kings games. I like to just hang out with friends and relax. I like to go to shows too. I also like to fuck sheep....????

Alex: Tell me about your current tour you are on? How is it?

Darrin: We are on tour with this german band called "Die Totten Hosen" and they're pretty cool. There the biggest band in germany. They're like The Ramones of Europe. Cool tour...

Alex: Your tour with Reel Big Fish is coming up. Are you excited? Tell me about this tour?

Darrin: The tour with the fish is gonna rule. They're label mates with us and they are hands down the best ska band around. The tour is gonna be great. All must attend. If you miss this tour, your a freak cause everyone gonna be talking about this one. We all can't wait till it starts...

Alex: Reel Big Fish is damn good and I can't wait for you two to go on tour together! It will be a kick ass show!

Now on to some nonsense questions for fun...

Alex: What is your favorite food?

Darrin: Favorite food: Mexican or Italian.

Alex: What is your favorite fast food burger? The Big Mac, the Whopper (a personal winner at only 99 cents) or something else?

Darrin: Jack In The Box rules. I like the crispy chicken burger. It rules.

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