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December 9, 2023

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INTERVIEW: Scott Heard from Sweaty Nipples
By: Alex Steininger

Alex: What made you decide to sign with Elemental?

Scott: Uh...long story. We were on Mega Force before. They went under. Actually they decided to call it quits. So instead of chasing major labels, we decided to sign with a label close to home. We wanted to work with people familiar with Sweaty and their roots. We were going to do an EP, but we wrote songs and we kept writing. We kept writing and went from there.

Alex: On your new album, what inspired you to write the songs? Fiction? Personal Issues?

Scott: Um...we were real laid back. The whole approach was laid back. In terms of lyrics, I just wrote down the first thing that popped in my head. We were very Non-shalont. We wrote a bunch of riffs, whatever came to me. We felt our previous album, Bug Harvest, was very planned and we did what we wanted on that album. On the new one we didn't want to over produce.

Alex: What are some of your musical influences?

Scott: Man...a lot of stuff. Old Bowe, and the Doors. In terms of newer stuff I am into cowpunk like Reverend Horton Heat and Supersuckers. In terms of the rest of the band their is big variety. Lot of old Kiss, old punk, and Van Halen. We owe Kiss a lot for our live show.

Alex: What are your band goals for '97?

Scott: Do a lot of touring. We want to go back on the East Coast (we had a lot of fun back there), Japan, and Europe. Maybe open for a bigger band over there. We are going to start writing new songs, more new material. The new record inspired us to want and write more.

Alex: On the Road, what do you guys do for fun?

Scott: Let's see...lots of drugs.**laughs** Seriously, there isn't a lot of time to do much except sleep and eat. Playing live is fun for us. We Also like to hit rivers and lakes. Also, Fishing and bowling when we have time.

Alex: What is your favorite city to play and why?

Scott: New York City. It is so vibrant...there is so much going on. We played a club called Lime Light. The place is nuts. It's an old church. There is like a million rooms where you can get lost. But yeah...we have fun every time we play there.

Alex: What is the best album you have ever recorded?

Scott: The new far. They all speak for themselves. On Bug Harvest we accomplished our goal. We got what we were going for. We wanted to show we can write and sing. Not like we have anything to prove, but we wanted to prove it to ourselves, I guess. On the new album we just took a light hearted approach. And when the next album comes out, it will be my favorite. I guess whatever is fresh on my mind. We recorded and mixed the new album in ten days, and we wrote the songs and music in like two months.

Alex: Do you feel you are a rock star, or do you ever want to feel like a rock star?

Scott: At this point no. I don't really care. I have gotten a taste of it at times. I think I am far from successful in the business. I don't think I am a rock star, I am just a normal person, so are the other guys. I have been looked at in a different light, like at a really good La Luna show. It gets very impersonal.

Alex: What goes into good music making for you guys?

Scott: Honesty. Being uncontrived and natural. We have a knack for high energy and being crazy. The way we feel on stage and the way we transfer that energy feels great. Like we did on the new record.

Alex: What in the music business is fun for you, and what just fucking sucks?

Scott: There is actually very little I do like. The corporate aspects are ridiculous. I also hate the idea behind MTV. Twelve people determining what people like. I chose to be in it so I can't complain. But I am sick of others who chose to be in the music business complaining about everything. I am also tired of bands yelling "Sell-Out." I am doing this to pay the bills too. Just like a regular job.

Alex: If you could change anything in your music career, what would it be? Why?

Scott: I would make more money. I am working on an acoustic solo, I've always wanted to do that. There is all kinds of things that haven't been done that I would like to do.

Alex: What are the highest and lowest points of your musical career?

Scott: The highest would be every time we play La Luna. The people are great. Also, all our Lime Light shows are great! The lowest, hmm....two years ago when Bug Harvest got delayed. There was a lot of political problems with the distribution. We got on MTV with it, but I had no idea if the record would come out. Also during this time we were touring. Half way through California our bus was toast. We threw a rod. It was hell.

Alex: How did the legendary Sweaty Nipples form?

Scott: Basically, it was before my time. I have only been in the band for 3 1/2 years. But I think I know the story. Davey, Dave, and Ryan were all playing in different bands. They had been friends since High School. They played together and clicked. The name was a fluke and stuck. They started playing a few shows, people came. So the name just stuck.

Alex: What is your favorite song on "Thrill Crazed Space Kids...Blasting the Flesh off Humans? Why?

Scott: A tie between Camaro, Dumbass, and Nice.

Alex: Is there any road experience that stands out?

Scott: Oh god...where do I start. It is always an adventure. Oh my god that is a tough question. Probably...not a very good one. We were in Aderson, Indiana (a red neck town.) I was amazed. I felt fear for my life. I feared for my life more than I would walking on the streets of New York City at night. Also, once we were going through Iowa and we ran into a blizzard. It was so cold my eyes hurt. Then the next time we came through it was 107. There was dead cattle on the road, and it smelled on the freeway. Adverse weather conditions always stick out.

Alex: If you could tour with any band, who would it be and why?

Scott: I would kill to go on tour with Rev. Horton Heat. They kick ass. The crowds are so fun loving. I would get off on seeing him play. Actually, I don't know if I would want to tour with him or just watch them. I wouldn't want to open for him and look stupid.

Alex: What made you go into the music business?

Scott: The fact that I was too short to play sports after Junior High. One day my dad picked up an amp and a guitar for $50. He brought it home and I started to play. I was a huge Kiss freak. Jumping on the bed and everything. It all started when I missed football practice, because I fell out of a tree and hurt myself.

Alex: What do you think of the Portland local scene: Better than Seattle or give it two years and it will be better?

Scott: kicks Seattle's ass right now. I haven't been around Seattle lately. So I can't form an honest opinion. But its fake up in Seattle. It's like a little L.A. Portland is more vibrant. It is hard for Portland to match Seattle in the number of bands that have came out of that area.

Alex: What is your favorite album of all time?

Scott: Ziggy Stardust by David Bowe. I was big retro freak.

Alex: What is your favorite local band?

Scott: I don't really get out that much. King Black Acid sticks out in my mind.

Alex: What made you cover Devo's "Freedom of Choice?"

Scott: There was a couple of guys in the band who were big Devo freaks. Someone through out the idea. Tongue & Cheek kind of stuff. Ryan is a huge Devo fan. So we decided to cover Devo. We didn't want to do the obvious "Wipe Out." We wanted a song more our style. It worked out and rocked.

Alex: How do you get all the power and energy from your live shows and put it on the album?

Scott: That's the hard part, because we write songs that try to make you jump up and down and go crazy. If not, we ace it out. We did a good job on the new album of capturing the energy.

Alex: Would you ever consider signing on to a major label?

Scott: Sure, why not!! Another thing...I don't give a shit about what others say. It's my career and I want to make money.

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