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May 20, 2024

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Everything Sucks (Epitaph Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Milo Aukerman is back on vocals, and the Descendents are back to show you how to enjoy yourselves. With a style that goes from pop-punk to fast paced punk, no matter what you call Descendents, you have to call them energetic punk. And here they are to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about...

Everything Sucks starts off with a fast paced punk anthem called "Everything Sux." Is it a title track? Or does the "x" substitute for "cks" mean that it's not? How knows? Maybe it's just something that went off in my mind? Track two is the radio hit "I'm the One." It starts out with fairly slow guitar, and then it kicks you on the ground with a medium tempo track about a man who loves a women, but she doesn't love him. She's to tied up in her bad relationship. But he is always there for her..."I'm the one who wants you more than anything/you don't feel the same way/you made it clear to me/but I'll stand my ground and maybe/you'll hear what I've been sayin'/after all I've said and all I've done." Track three is a lightning fast song called "Coffee Mug." Pure, sweet, and fast. There's no breather in this song. Non stop energy from start to finish. Track six, "Caught," starts out with a killer bass line, and then into the medium-paced structure of the song, and suddenly the chorus sinks into you like a vampire into his prey. Your hooked. The music is great, but the lyrics are the most addictive part of the song. With lyrics like, "Junkie drug deal does 50 years time/while the millionaire murderer just pays a fine/it's a sign of the time/it's the ultimate crime/guilty of being caught red handed." Track nine, "She Loves Me," hooks you from the starting. With the hooky guitar, the beat of the drums, and the bass, but then when the vocals enter and the track picks up, you are lost inside the world of Descendents. Like all tracks on this album, you get hooked, but then the chorus hits you and there's no turning back. You've been sold on the album. My favorite track on the album, "We," is a very addictive pop-punk tune Milo wrote for his wife. From the hooks, to the emotions all through this song, this is definitely an album stand out! There are fifteen tracks total on this album! I'm sure you'll find one, ten, or all of them to your approval!

Whether you are going to pick up this album because your a big fan of All, you heard "I'm the One" on the radio, or because of this review, just remember, PICK THIS ALBUM UP!!!!! It will blow you away. One of the best albums of 1996, and I'm sure it will sustain it's position and be one of the best albums in 1997! An A+ for sure! I would even score this album higher if I could!

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