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June 14, 2024

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Life In General (Tooth and Nail Records)

By: Melanie Campbell

Wait! What's that sound?? It's the Ramones! No, no, no, it's...theDead Milkmen! NO, NO, swear to God, it's gotta be GREEN DAY!! WRONG, all you silly people, it's another band from (oh, where else...what ARE they putting in the water out there?) Seattle, excuse moi, Bremerton,WA. This is not your sister's Nirvana record, though. This is MXPX, a nifty little 3-piece, clean-cut, barely-old-enough-to-legally-get-into-bars band, and this is their 'Life In General'. Nothing wrong with being young, mind you, and they ARE loud. They need a little practice in the 'snotty' department, though. But, hey, there's enough snot in this world, right? (Just ask Disney! titter, titter, guffaw-boy, wouldn't it be great to be the Insane Clown Posse's attorney right now?? $$$$$ makes the world go 'round, no?) Anyway, it was a refreshing change of pace to hear lyrics like 'Can I leave you a message on your machine? Letting you know that you're the bomb and you blew up on me' from 'Do Your Feet Hurt', or 'Andrea, I say your name and all that I can do is think about the way you smiled, and kinda sorta held my hand-went out for coffee in what must have been the smallest town in Kentucky' from 'Andrea'. Yes, lots of cool songs about girls, school, and even life on the road, check out 'New York to Nowhere'-'going nowhere fast, watching cars go past, why won't the snow melt faster, this trip is a disaster'. For a jaded critic, it was a real wake-up after taking the latest Regurgitator release out of the cd player! MXPX; Mike Herrera, vocals and bass; Tom Wisniewski on guitar and Yuri Ruley on the 'skins; can actually PLAY their instruments, and they play straightforward, head-banging, happy-go-lucky rock. It'll make you jump around your room in pogo/moshing glee, and, if you turn it up REAL loud, it'll definitely annoy your parents. If you're too old to be annoying your parents, but you've ever been a fan of the other bands listed above, check this disc out anyway. You'll probably find yourself bopping your head back and forth like the Peanuts gang in those old cartoons, (don't hurt your neck tho', you'll have to bop a LOT faster) and tapping your feet repeatedly. And don't miss the ever-more-frequent rotation of their current single, 'Chick Magnet', a hilarious bit of celluloid now rolling on an MTV screen near you. With a little more life under their collective belts, MXPX may someday do something besides worship at the altar of Johnny, Joey, DeeDee and Marky. If they don't turn into drug casualties, or something equally horrible, they may actually get their own altar.
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