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February 3, 2023

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Atomic 61
Goodbye Blue Monday/Purity of Essence (Cavity Search Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Atomic 61 can best be described as a very heavy rock band. Distorted guitar, heavy bass lines, the pounding sounds of the hard working percussion, and fast, yelling like vocals are the Atomic 61 sound.

First we will start out with the older of the two albums. "Purity of Essence." This CD includes such songs as "My Superhero Girl," "Senseless Act of Random Violence While His Pregnant Wife Watched On," "Pussy Juice," and "The Other Whitemeat." The description "Rough, powerful rock" was invented for this album. Everything is very rough. Heavy guitar, and low bass which is very clear throughout the album, are what make this album have it's own sound. Some songs start out with a heavy, distorted guitar, others go for a lighter guitar, bass, and drums intro, but no matter how they start, they finish each song with a BANG!

Next we come to the new Atomic 61 album, "Goodbye Blue Monday." Add a new guitarist to the mix to shake things up a bit, and you get the new album. "All in This," "Fifth Night," "Crash Outfit," and "Ray Slater's Meteoric Rise" are just a few tracks on this nine track CD on Cavity Search Records. A more distinct guitar sound is added to this album, which is apparent on "Ray Slater's Meteoric Rise." They still have the bass lines slamming you in the face throughout the whole album, but this time the guitar outshines the bass on this album.

Out of the two, I can't pick a favorite. They are both equally good. Although, one thing that bothers me about Atomic 61 is the vocals. The melody from the instruments are great! I love the guitar, bass, and the percussion, but the vocals get to me after awhile. Whether it be the fast pace he sings at, or the 'stretched out moan like' vocals when they go to a softer (but still rocking) pace. Overall I would have to give each CD a B-. The instrumental side can keep everything up, but there needs to be some change in the vocals to get a higher rating!

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