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April 16, 2024

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Hymnal (Cavity Search Records)

By: Alex Steininger

From Southern California, here is Dirtclodfight with a twelve track abrasive rock CD. Very edgy and hard hitting. I put in the CD and listened to it all the way through. I thought I was listening to out takes of Nirvana's "Bleach." A lot of bands now days are getting labeled "Nirvana Rip-offs." Dirtclodfight is not a rip-off, the vocals just sound very similar to Kurt is some parts. Also the melody follows that of "Bleach," in many ways. Heavy distorted guitar, vocals that scream, stress pain, and let out emotions, and very catchy tunes line this CD.

"Hymnal" is the new album from Dirtclodfight, on Portland's Cavity Search Records. The first CD is "King Self's Idiot Shrine." From the moment you put this is it grabs you. It will make your mind spin and you will be asking yourself, "Are they purposely trying to rip-off Nirvana, or is this just a natural occurrence?" If you listen to it enough you will realize it is just a natural occurrence. Then we go to "Badgers With Like Scars." When this spins, don't look back, because it will suck you in. With very catchy guitar riffs, this track can't help but be your favorite! "Handgun Initiative," is the next track. A heavy instrumental intro runs for 1 minute and thirty seconds, then the vocals come in. Not one of my favorite tracks. The reason I don't like the song is because it has like 3 lines of lyrics that are repeated over and over. "The Guy That Runs The Fog Machine," is the next track. A calm vocal intro sets you up for a hard paced song. Also more catchy guitar riffs feel this song. "Slower, Slowest," "Left," and "Asleeper," are the next tracks. That brings us to track eight. Dark guitar riffs start off "Throttle Downer". "And That's Just Charming," "What's a Man To Do," "If I Was Handsomer," and "Considering it...done" finish off the CD.

If you are looking for a CD that sounds like "Bleach," but isn't ripping "Bleach" off, than "Hymnal" is for you! Abrasive, dark guitars, anger, sad, emotional vocals line the CD. I would give the CD a B+. Very strong, hard hitting rock, but it fails in some parts.

If you want to order a copy straight from Cavity Search, check out their web page @ or e-mail them at: [email protected]

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