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December 9, 2023

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Souvenir (Schizophonic Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Forget Seattle, here is Portland!! The next great band in a line-up of great Portland bands is Svelt! Combining catchy guitar hooks, thumping bass, and don't forget the perfectly timed hard hitting power of the drums. Add to that some great vocals, and lyrics that anyone should be able to relate to, and you get some damn good music. Hard hitting rock in some parts, and in other parts you get well crafted pop rock. Call it pop rock, call it alternative, call it what you want. I prefer to just simply call it rock n' roll at it's best!

Svelt is truly one of the best up and coming bands in the greater Portland area. Svelt is probably even one of the best up and coming bands in Oregon, or even the Northwest! The first time you remove the CD from the case and put it in your CD player, you will be blown away! The music will grab you by the neck and throw you on the ground. You will be speechless. You won't even want to talk. Svelt is that good. You will just want to sit and enjoy the music.

Svelt's first full length LP, Souvenir, is out right now on Schizophonic Records (a Salem, Oregon Indie label.) Eleven well crafted rock songs make it a definite future chart topper. The CD starts off with "Very Real." Catchy guitar riffs start off the song. Then the power of the vocals come on. And right then, you know this is going to be a great album. Then the strumming of the guitar starts off track two, "If I Had A Clue." Emotional lines like, (If I Had a Clue/Would I stay with you), make you realize this is more than just a rock band who can play catchy tunes, but who can also write great songs. Then track three comes on. The first single off the album, "Shrunken Head." A great song that is well suited for the honor of first single. Then my favorite song on the album comes on, "My Fool My Friend." Another well written, very addictive song. I find myself singing this song in the shower, in my head before I go to bed, and where ever else I feel like singing it. Three more powerful songs pass before you come to track eight, "Over Ripe." Definitely a song that has a chance of being a future single. "Not My Type," and "Tober" are the next songs on the album. "Souvenir" ends with "Walt." "Walt" starts off very mellow, but within a minute Svelt turns up the pace with some hard hitting action for the chorus, and then back again. A great way to finish the album, before the repeat button spins back to track one.

Svelt's first full length album, Souvenir, is a must for all rock fans. Catchy pop melodies line the album, but the hard hitting core is definitely the center of attention. I recommend this album to everyone who likes music. It is one of those CD's you put in the CD player and NEVER want to take out. It simply rocks. So, if you don't own it, GO GET A COPY!!!! NOW!!!!!

I give this disc an A+. It is definitely one of the best albums of 1996. Go to your local independent store and pick up a copy, or e-mail Schizophonic Records at: [email protected] and tell them you desperately need to buy a copy. Then order it and wait in anticipation for your own personal Svelt CD to arrive. Also, if you want to talk to the band (and I am sure they would love to hear from you) you can e-mail them at: [email protected].

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