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March 2, 2024

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The 19th Annual Badger Convention (Self Released)

By: Alex Steininger

Crawdaddy hails from Bakersfield, California. They are fun filled Ska band. Up tempo, danceable ska. From their humor tinted songs like "Crack," to their semi-serious track of "Go Joel" they can do most anything they put their mind too.

The first track that caught my attention on this CD was track two, "Crack." With lyrics like, "Come on, let's bring the kids and all smoke some crack." I instantly found this song humorous. The song is too funny to be taken serious. The humor itself draws attention to it, but the great music to go with it make the song a classic. Any band that has the guts to write a satire song like this has to be complimented. Track four brings out the more serious side of Crawdaddy. This song, "Go Joel," starts off with a very mellow beat, and has very gentle vocals to go along with it. But half way through the song it picks up the pace. A few drum beats and a change in the vocals tell you something is going to happen. The horns pick up their speed, the song jumps into full gear, and your feet start moving. And just when your to the peak of your dancing, the song slows again. And with the same bass line noting a musical pick up, your flung back on your feet, dancing crazily again! Track six, "Not Yet," starts off with the jazzy drums found in a smoky club while you watch some guy go at his only love, his jazz music. Then the song picks up. A very jazz/ska feel lines the song. A soothing voice comes to the mike and you grab your partner and start swinging them. Then we come to the "Special Extra Secret Hidden Track," which shows their humor again, because this song isn't hidden very well. It is track seven. Actually, this track is my second favorite track on the album. Female vocals lead the song, and it gives you warm feeling all over. Female vocals add so much to a song, and this song is a perfect demonstration. Track eight, "Boba Fett," starts out with the drummer fooling around for a little bit, and then the song kicks in. A fast, danceable track. Track eleven, "Crawdads for Breakfast," is the final track. If you want to dance to a good paced instrumental, this is your track. Fast, but not fast enough to make you lose interest. A nice horn section fills out this song perfectly. And leave it to those guys in Crawdaddy to give you extra music after the final track has ended. It seems this "hidden track" is a distorted, quick version of "Crawdads for Breakfast."

Crawdaddy definitely has a bright future. This album shows a lot of potential, and sweeps you away. They are definitely a band to keep your eye open for. They have a nice, ska/jazz sound going for them. I would give this CD an A. It is a CD to be remembered, and a CD to pick up if you don't already own a copy! You can order your own personal copy by visiting their web site,

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