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April 17, 2024

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My Superhero
Solid State 14 (Sick Little Monkey Music)

By: Alex Steininger

My Superhero is a ska/pop-rock band from California. They combine passionate lyrics with a very catchy, poppy tune. After a few listens you will be hooked and will not be able to put the CD away!

The CD starts off with track two, "Going Somewhere." A very poppy ska song. You won't find any horns with My Superhero, so if horns are your passion, you better stop reading! But you will find a moog. Track two is very infection. All the hooks, the ska guitar, the upbeat drum tempo, bass lines to back everything up, and the vocals that blend with the music perfecting make this song one of the album stand outs. Track three, "Leaving Soon," starts off like some modern rock songs might, but then it jumps ship, and the ska in their bones takes over. The guitar and upbeat tempo kicks in, and you'll be dancing in no time! I love when the song gets soft and the bass and drums work together to set the mood. Combine that with the vocals and you get the chills! And then it jumps to it's regular, upbeat pace once again! Track six, "Groovy," is a cover song. And they do this song quite eloquently I might add. From soft pop-ska to a heavier pop-ska they get the point across. I think they add more feeling to this song than the original did. Track ten, "One More Day," starts off with a very influenced rock feel. And then the song picks up, but the modern day rock style stays with them until the vocals enter and then the ska enters. Track thirteen, "Wonderin'" is much like the rest of the songs, a ska/pop-rock song with lots of feeling in the voice and the lyrics. Track sixteen, "Sympathy For the Ants," starts off with a very catchy guitar riff. And then the drums kick it off for the rest of the band. When vocals enter the pace is set. It is a very mellow song for the most part. A song you can just sit back and relax too. It picks up in a few places, but gets mellow again. Track seventeen, "4 Years In February," is a song with a man on his guitar, acoustic guitar. It has a lot of feeling to the song. Not one of the upbeat, danceable songs on the album, but you have to rest sometime. But it doesn't stop there! There is a surpass after the final track! It is...wait! I'm not going to ruin it for you! Go pick up your own copy of this CD and fine out what I am talking about!

My Superhero puts its own spin on ska as we know it. I consider them to be a very original band with a smooth sound. I like horns a lot, but they do just fine without them! I give this CD an A+. It was so catchy and infection I can't help it! If you like ska and don't mind the absence of horns, pick up this CD! You will be blown away by this CD!

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