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February 3, 2023

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Skankaholics Unanimous
Under the Influence of SKA (Moon Ska Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Moon Ska Records is back with another fabulous compilation of ska songs dealing with the ups and downs of drinking. And some of the hottest bands on the ska scene contribute their feelings on drinking. If that wasn't enough there are some new, exclusive tracks on this CDBy: The Pietasters, Skavoovie & The Epitones, NY Ska Jazz Ensemble, Skinnerbox, the Allstonians, and the debut of the Toasters very own Buck doing a solo performance.

The CD starts off with The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble with Steve from the Pietasters on vocals doing "More Whiskey." Steve's vocals contribute a deep addition to the flavorful blend of ska and jazz that only The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble could serve up. Easy Big Fella contribute "Asleep at the Bar." An up tempo guitar leads the way as the horns add depth, the drums keep the time, and the bass adds a kick. All the while the vocals add a rich melody. With all these ingredients thrown into the oven you will quickly be up and dancing. Your arms will start to move, and you will find that your dancing is now unstoppable. Skavoovie & The Epitones featuring 'Monster' Mike Welch will make you feel "Drunk." A nice blend of swing, ska, and jazz will get your head spinning. You'll start to crave a beer, but then you'll realize you'll have to stop swinging to go get a beer, and that idea is set to rest. But don't worry, you'll get plenty feelings of intoxication with The Pietasters "Gin & Tonic." It starts out very mellow, and then the horns come in and warm your soul. This feeling of warmth will go straight to your head and intoxicate you with joy. The track is pretty mellow (and quiet), but if you crank your stereo up you'll be skankin' right along. Skinnerbox contributes one of my favorite tracks on the album, "What's The Use." It starts out very weird, and then the guitar puts it right back on track. The vocals sound like a drunk guy singing at first, and then King Django's nice voice takes over again. "What's the use of getting sober? When your going to get drunk again" is mentioned in the song quite frequently. Besides the nice skankin' guitar riffs, you'll think the rest of the guys recorded this song when they were drunk. They probably did. But so what! They made it sound enjoyable, and that's all that matters. The Skoidats' "Last Night" serves up a fast paced blend of ska and oi! If you weren't previously intoxicated by this album, you will be now! Buck's solo performance (Lower East Side Buck) is "Monkey's Can't Drink." A nice, traditional ska song with elegant horns. This is one track that is sure to make you want to go grab someone to dance along to this track. Buford O'Sullivan closes out the album with his demo version of "Can I get Another?" Two-tone ska about getting another pint of gin. Faint horns are heard in the background, but the guitar is the most noticeable instrument.

Moon Ska has done it again. They've put out a compilation worthy of their name. Twenty tracks, and an acoustic hidden track, compile this sixty-six minute CD. From fast paced ska that will give your feet some exercise, to slow and intoxicating numbers sure to fill your head with dirty thoughts, you'll find it all here! I'll give this CD an A-. Don't take my word for it, go purchase this CD and fall madly in love with it. Grab a pint or a six pack and cuddle up next to your CD player, because your in for a good time with this one!

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