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June 19, 2024

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The Tantra Monsters
The Tantra Monsters (Dill Records)

By: Alex Steininger

The Tantra Monsters are ska with a twist. A Hawaiian twist! Throw ska into a blender, add some fresh pineapple, and down a few Blue Hawaiians and your half where there to describing their sound.

The CD starts off with "Traffic." Some cool and breezy ska melodies start kick off the party. A calm ska melody carries on for the next five minutes, and then the pace picks up and the vocals enter. Now the party has really begun. It ends with some honking of the horns. Probably the sound of everyone at a stop light trying to get the guy in front of them, grooving to this CD of course, moving. "Working Man" brings some energetic ska your way that is sure to make you get up and move. And they mix in some rocking beats with it that give it more power. The "Tool Man" himself would be happy with this song. "Curse of Boto" is a minute and forty-three second song that sounds like rock n' roll that is just on it's way to a luau. Add sweet horns to your imagine, and there you have it. Track five brings you some more up tempo ska that you'll want to sink your teeth into. The vocals add some extra hooks and melody to the song, and with an addition of some punk-like beats the song will grab you, kiss you, and force you to have fun. "10 Hours" starts out with some watered down heavy metal, then the vocalist shouts "let's go," and the song is taken into its lovable ska essence. Fast horns keep your energy alive, as the guitar keeps your feet moving. The drums add power when it is needed, and a strong background when the song slows down. "21 Tons" starts out with some gentle ska that will make you sway in the wind. Feel the air moving through your head, and nothing but happiness will run through your body. The song keeps its gentle pace throughout. It picks up in some spots, but still isn't that intense. But there is still a lot of energy flowing from the song. Track twelve, "Ultra Monkey," close out the disc. Some fuzz start off the song (which lasts too long), and even when the song picks up the distortion and fuzz is still lingering. But, keyboards come in and single a change. The song is very heavy and rough, and in my opinion, a bad way to end an overall good CD.

The Tantra Monsters have some great potential. This album showcases their power points, and also opens a door to show you their weaker spots. The disc is good, and if you enjoy ska-punk, you'll love this disc. I'll give it a B. It needs some work, but when it stands tall, it looks at the top of skyscrapers at eye level.

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