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June 19, 2024

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The Tie That Binds
Slowly Sinking Under (One Foot Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Here's something for everyone...a five piece emo-core band out of Texas. If you haven't heard anything emo yet, you should check these guys out.

The CD starts out with "Remote." It starts out with some fast guitar. It runs with that for a bit with the occasional drum beat thrown in here and there. But then the song busts into full operation, and the vocals come in. The vocals aren't the greatest, but the hooks are there to take you in. During the chorus the vocals are at it's best. A sweet feeling will rush through you when the chorus hits. Every emotion your feeling comes out in one moment when the soft and hooky chorus hits. But after that the pace picks up, and the song lost me. The vocals were just too high in the mix, and drowned the music. But near the end of the song it gets softer again. After that they go through a little crazy part where a vocalist comes on and starts talking about some weird stuff. Overall the song was good, but it had too many ups and downs for me to enjoy it. Track two, "Paycheck," starts out with a nice bass line. It then jumps into the song, which has ok background music, but without good vocals the music is no good. I think the problem here may be the vocals are too high in the mix. Either that or the vocalist should be replaced? "We're Feeding From the Bottom" serves up another song that sounds like the last. Sure there are a lot of differences from the previous song, but too me once the vocals are blown all the songs sound the same. I couldn't stand the vocalist, which just made the songs blend for me. "So far, So Long" is a little different. It has some nicely crafted hooks that draw you into the song, and the vocals are decent. The CD closes down with track twelve, "There Is No Rest." This is another tolerable song, but the vocals still aren't what they could, or should, be on this song.

If your into emo-core you should check out this CD. You might like it. If your not, don't bother. You might not want to be introduced to emo-core through this band. I give this CD a C+.

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