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July 15, 2024

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The Adjusters
The Politics of Style (Jump Up! Records)

By: Alex Steininger

The Adjusters are a hard band to classify with their wide range of influences. From Jamaican ska and reggae, soul and rhythm and blues, to Caribbean jazz these guys can play it with class. Don't label these guys ska, or classify them in any other genre, because they are too diverse for any label. The best way to describe the Adjusters is to just label their music as their own. That's the simplest way, and the only way! They have their own sound, and it is very apparent on their Twelve track CD entitled "The Politics of Style."

The "Theme From Politics of Style" sets you up for a unique experience. The Caribbean drums add spice to the song, while the horns add comfort and class. The instrumental is relaxing, and great music for whatever mood you may be in. "Our Town" brings some ska to the forefront. Some traditional Jamaican ska that is. The horns come in and add a flare to the music, while the keyboards add a step or two to your dance. The guitar keeps you swaying and dancing along to the music, while the male and female vocal combination adds a lot of flavor and emotions to the song. "Freedom" is a soul song. All the songs have roots in soul, and this song shows their roots quite well. Once again, the male and female vocal combination amounts to a lot of quality and soul flowing from the music, and gives you a big smile. "Speed Queen" throws yet another original piece your way. Very distorted, angry vocals with a hard edge behind the music. Then the vocals return to normal and back again, while the music turns into funk and then into some jazz for your listening pleasures. But really, the combination is all wrong. The vocals destroy everything. This song would have been left better as an instrumental. Better yet, undistorted vocals would have been nice. "Can't Help But Feel" brings back the vocals to a listening level that is enjoyable, but there is still a slight distortion on the vocals. They're not as clean and clear as they were on the first few tracks. "Weatherman '97" adds more of the Caribbean mix with the percussion, and the vocals are returned to normal. This song is rhythm & blues meets jazz, and adds a nice mood to any moment. "TSKF" finishes off the CD in style. Back to some of the traditional ska meets jazz all with a soul influence. This is the kind of style that I like best out of all their songs. The vocals are slow and clear, while the horns can put emotion to every word spoken. The guitar keeps you in a relaxing mode (or dancing), will the drums keep the beat soft and delicate. The bass adds depth or big thumps, depending on what is needed from it. Everything plays well off each other. These guys are diverse, talented, and have style. But wait, is that the end of it? No, they give you three bonus tracks. Now that is stylish, wouldn't you say? These guys will never stop amazing you throughout the sixty plus minutes this disc will spin.

Not only is there music diverse and strong, their political views are as well. Once you open the CD booklet you will find information on how to stop sweat shops, how to join an organization that blends music and the youth culture, and how to get involved in an organization that pushes socialism. "They've led you to believe that corporations are democratic, that the rich deserve what they have, and so do the poor. They're full of bullshit," reads the end of the information sheet that lets you know how to join these organizations. Now you know they're music if for real, and everything they say and play comes straight from their hearts. That makes the music real, and when music is real you'll get the most feelings out of it. Amazing is one way to describe these guys. Another way is to describe them as a unique, diverse, multi-cultural experience. However you want to describe them, they are simply talented! I'll give the CD an A.

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