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June 21, 2024

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Cri Iced the Lord
By: Ben Ohmart

Cri Iced the Lord

He was sayin

What was he saying?

He was sayin that we all had a choice, we all had a chance, and that if you put your faith in

He was speaking English?

YES. If you put your faith in ourselves, then the boundary of a faith for God will secure what you initialize.

So you just took out the gun and Shot him.

NO! I'm sorry! He said he said do it! And and he's the Lord - what do you want me to do?

He waits all this time, he doesn't even stop to get it all written down like before, hang out with the guys, he steps off a cloud and You

I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!! OKAY!?!!!?? Jeeeeee



He was carrying, Brad. Yeah. You look at me. He was Carrying. You think about it.


You think about the future, and present tense. A 32. Behind the belt in the back. You think. He was holding you up. Resisting. You were. Protect yourself. Do it. Protect yourself. You don't really think insanity gets off all the time.

I What? What? Get him out of here.

You're saying turn my back. Admit that it didn't happen. Go with the explained, and the second time didn't happen?

What second time?

He loves us. He wanted us to know

Know. Know what?

That it is our duty. Our technological right to have a way of protection. To deal with the more people that are here. He isn't a vain man. He would've shown himself, fire something demolished the other beliefs of the world. He didn't know he was going to catch on.

Can we get some pizza in here! You like pizza?

He tried to sell it to me.

And says who he is, so you just take his word.

He was giving me a really good deal!

Everlasting life, and, a 32 for what, $9?

It wasn't like that.

What was it like?

We have a right! He said! He tells you, you have to believe.

I don't believe this.

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the one that didn't have any money! It wasn't my fault! I try to get a job at the dry cleaners, but I don't have any clothes. I'd work in the back where they can't see you! I didn't have any money! And he needed some money to get by anymore, you NEED that, and he understood! Why can't you??

Or would you rather fish?

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