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May 22, 2024

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By: [email protected]

Q.So who are you and what are your musical projects?

A.Well if you don't know who I am still, now you will! I am an author/poet/musician that is banned/blacklisted simply because of what I write! I am under constant surveillance, and I have been for some time! Perhaps for my own good?! SHOCK TROOPS? is a strain of Oi!, Rape/Scum/Shock/Toilet Rock, and Grind/Hate Core for the sole purpose of arousing the beast within...which is a result of being pissed off, depressed, paranoid, and bored! FIXED OBJECTS MOVING? is a synergism, a shamanic concoction of Dark Industrial/Techno/PsychOdelic/Noise/Trance bent on awakening you to negative energy and freaking you out!

Q. Why was your infamous web site banned from the internet?

A. A member of the Church of Satan was so offended by me they contacted my ISP, the FBI and local police! So my web host decided to break the 6 month contract we had. But I don't see why I wasn't banned to begin with, since the content of my site was just as offensive in the end as it was in the beginning! My site was supposed to last from 6/15 to 12/15 of this year (1997); but at least it died during the Autumn Equinox! How ever it was Qabalistically designed to last 6 months, for isn't 6 between 3 and 9?! Apparently the serial killer/mass murderer artwork that was on my web pages isn't as offensive as what I write! But before my site was banned sight was banned! I wasn't able to access the internet for 6 days! I'm sure this is old news by now, but just in case you didn't know!

Q.So where are you at now?

A.I'm about to mix down my next release, for SHOCK TROOPS?, and I'm writing as usual! I've found another guitarist, who is also a recording engineer, but he's on a 9 day vacation to Alaska (where it is nocturnal for half the year). He told me he'd play guitar when he >gets back so we'll see! As for my FIXED OBJECTS MOVING? project, which I created in 1992, it's about to mix a "hit"!


A.It means a lot of things...including nothing! There is a Fixed Zodiac Sidereal) and a Moving Zodiac (Western), the solar system is both Fixed and Moving as a record on a turntable/phonograph, and when you hallucinate you can see things moving...that aren't! Being opposites, F is for Female and M is for Male! The O between them means nothing! Nothing is between them! Looking at it from a Numerological view point, FOM = 6 15 13, so 6+1+5+1+3=16 (1+6=7), which is also the equivalent of 6 13, since 6+1+3=10 (1+15/6=16/7)! The difference between the Sidereal and Western Zodiacs is 23 degrees, which equates 5. Now you understand why I sometimes spell Psychedelic as Psychodelic?! 5 is incomplete, which is like having nothing!

Q.Do you have any last Raves?

A. Raves go beyond the light! Raves are better at night! If you want to open your eyes to more then order my limited edition tape (of both my projects) while it's still available! Send $6.00 (by registered mail only) to 13918 E. Mississippi Ave. #320 Aurora, CO 80012 >USA. Do you know why you can't buy my recordings at record stores? Because of my "banned"! My recordings are collector items!

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