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June 23, 2024

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Be Here Now (Sony Records)

By: Author Unknown

During the nearly 3 years since they release the album, (What's The Story) Morning Glory?, Oasis has done its best to maintain a spot in the publics eye--although not always in a positive way. The bands legend has grown bigger than reality and after a year in which Liam got busted for drugs, Noel gave a drunken suggestion that the British Parliament host the countries biggest drug addicts and their American tour was cancelled due to band conflict; Oasis seemed more of a circus freak show than the worlds greatest pop band. Yet, with the release of Be Here Now, Oasis has dropped the act and regained their place atop the world of rock--yes the British bad boy rockers are back.

The CD's first single, "D'You Know What I Mean," contains a masterful loop from NWA's Straight Outa Compton and is backed by melodic yet raunchy guitars riffs. As Liam drops the opening verse, all the negative media hoopla and idiotic acts quickly begin to fade and once again the music becomes the bands claim to fame--finally.

The Hits won't stop after "D'You Know What I Mean", the bands next single, "Stand By Me," is a guitar heavy six minute little love song that you can't help but to tap your foot to. The epic sounding and beautiful All Around the World is Oasis at their best. Take Noels' soft but naughty guitar, mix in a perfectly harmonized bass line and a steady drum beat. Then add Liam, well being Liam and you have one of the greatest songs ever done by the band.

Do the British bad boys take themselves to seriously? Probably! Is most of what they say childish nonsense? Probably! Do they rip off the Beatles? Probably! Are they the best rock band out there today? Probably! Say what you will about the lads of Oasis, but if you listen to their music it's hard to deny that when this group can get together peacefully they're hit song machines. The proof is in the music.

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