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June 22, 2024

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Link 80
Killing Katie (Asian Man Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Link 80 is a group of young men who play powerful hardcore/punk/ska with thought provoking lyrics. From slamming to skankable beats, they can serve up just about anything hot and juicy. On their new EP, their tradition continues. Six brand new tracks, one off of their full-length, and four live tracks amount to a lot of fun.

The CD starts out with a very powerful song called "Better Than Shit." A brief ska intro kicks off everything, and then the music slams your head hard onto concrete when the vocals enter. "Why do you think that you can save me if I can't even save myself?/you condemn me for my actions/just take a look at yourself/hellbent on destruction in everything you do/I don't even know the truth so why not like to you?" screams from your stereo. The music is hard, fast, and powerful, but the lyrics are even harder and more powerful. The music calms down now and then for a brief break and some nice skankable beats, but it always jumps right back into the adrenaline crazed hardcore that will knock you on your ass. "No Such Thing" keeps the thought-provoking lyrics coming. The music is fast and powerful from the beginning, but near the middle it calms down to get you dancing instead of moshing. As the drums get fiercer and fiercer the pace picks up and the music once again rips right through your body with all it's power and force. "Kind Of..." is the softest song on the album. A pure ska-punk gem that will get you dancing and singing along from start to finish. Written by Asian Man Records' (the label they are on) front man, Mike Park, this song is probably the best song on the album next to "Better Than Shit." Mike Parks' incredible writing is performed to perfection by Link 80. "The Truth Of It" is up next, and kicks the notch up a few. This song is pure hardcore with horns. "El Estupido (no Quiero Vomitar)," as the title predicts, is an all Spanish ska-punk track. Another track that will get you dancing and skankin' around your room. The music is tremendously good, but I couldn't understand the words which took a bit away from the song for me. But it seems the band just wanted to have fun and put the serious lyrics a way for a track, and that's what they did. This song will give your mind a rest, and your body a fun workout. "Nothing Left" is pure hardcore with horns. It also appears on their full-length "17 Reasons." Now the EP is over, but wait! Four more tracks? That's right. Four live tracks, one being a cover song. Get this EP and check the extra tracks out.

I'm very sad to announce Nick Traina, lead singer for Link 80 on "17 Reasons" and this EP has passed away due to an accidental overdose. This is a tragic loss to the music community, and will be felt for a long while. But his music and lyrics will live on. All the power and heart he put into his songs will not be forgotten. Experience what he had to say. Pick this EP up! This deserves an A. Pick it up, NOW!

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