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May 18, 2024

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SHOW REVIEW: Smashmouth/Goldfinger/Blink-182
La Luna-Portland, Oregon (December 13, 1997)

By: Alex Steininger

Portland, Oregon's "alternative" radio station, KNRK, decided to throw a Christmas ball called "Snowflake". The bands, Smashmouth, Goldfinger, and Blink-182. Five dollars and no service fee, so you can imagine how fast the 1000 person capacity sold out. Those crazy pop-punk teenagers, Blink-182, opened up the show to a tremendous welcoming committee. Playing a short thirty minute set, they did a great job of warming the crowd up. Playing all their radio hits, as well as underground hits from the past few years, by the end of their set everyone was smiling. Next up was Goldfinger. Boy did the crowd get on their feet and start to jump up and down, mosh, and other crazy stunts for these pop-ska-punk'ers. Opening with "Answers", the energy quickly burst through the P.A. system, as a loud mix of punk, pop, and fun filled the club with excitement. Soon thereafter they bust into their silly skateboard song, "Chris Cayton". The crowd quickly picked up on the words, and was singing along during the chorus. Near the end they morphed the song into Reel Big Fish's "Sellout". As John sang, "Sellout with me tonight/record companies only care about lots of money/and everything's gonna be all right," the crowd stood attentive. Smiles ripped across the crowds face, and a few started to sing along with him. That was just the tip of the ice berg. There was a few more tricks and treats in store for the crowd. As they drove through familiar songs like "My Girlfriend's Shower Sucks", "Superman", and their latest single, "This Lonely Place" the crowd jumped around with joy. Everyone was having a good time. Even those in the balcony were dancing and singing along. Then John Feldmann (vocals/guitar) put his guitar down and moved to the drum kit, as Darrin (drummer) moved forward. Taking the mike, Darrin quickly jumped into Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping". Now the crowd was laughing hysterically, as they watched the spectacle on stage. Darrin moved about the stage as if he was naturally the lead singer. John pounded on the kit as he was the drummer. Well rehearsed, these guys put on one great stunt. After everyone laughed and chuckled from the humor of it all, they busted into more of their familiar pop songs. During Mable, John even let the crowd sing the chorus. But what's a Christmas show without a Christmas tune? Nothing, and Goldfinger knew it. They quickly gave the crowd a delightful cover of "White Christmas". Parts of the crowd were even singing along with the band. Then the band proceeded the well received Christmas song with their ultra radio hit song, "Here In Your Bedroom". This whipped the crowd up into a frenzy. The jumped and bounced off each other, while crowd surfing rose. The majority of the crowd even began singing along to the song. Closing with "Miles Away", the band put on one hell of a forty five minute set.

A small amount of the crowd left after Goldfiner, but the show wasn't over yet. Smashmouth came out and put on a little over an hour of their pop-punk fused with ska beats. Very well received by the crowd, the audience seemed to get into Smashmouth pretty good. Somewhat tired from Goldfingers' set, they still managed enough energy to thoroughly enjoy Smashmouth's set. Everyone walked away very happy.

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