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June 19, 2024

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The Eclectics
Idle Worship (Jump Up! Records)

By: Alex Steininger

First off, The Eclectics have done the weirdest thing I have ever saw on this CD. Instead of having nice artwork or colors on the disc itself, they went with a plain disc, and started typing lyrics to the first song on the disc. Their name, and the CD title, does appear in the lower right hand corner, though. But the lyrics on the disc? Strange? It took me by storm for awhile, but I learned to deal with it. Now let's get to the band itself. The Eclectics are a group of teens that went out and decided to create some ska-punk, good ska-punk at that too! First step, get a master producer. And guess who they landed? Master rock producer Steve Albini. Equipped with Steve, some good ska-punk, and a vision, they entered the studio. "Idle Worship" was the outcome.

The CD starts off with "Harry." It starts off with some bass tapping its way through the song, then the guitar slams into the mix, with the drums making their presence felt as well. The guitar buzzes for a bit, before quickly jumping into some quick ska beats. The vocals come in with a punk flavor to them, but still keeping everything understandable and friendly. The drum beats down, keeping your toes tapping, and the horns lighten the mood when they are present. The guitar, once again, jumps from ska beats to punk beats and back again without hesitation. Very tight, well composed, these guys storm through the first song with ease. "We Can Make It Happen" gets you swingin' with the horns in the beginning. Then the vocal enters and keep you swingin', but add a bit of a punk influence to the music. Then the chorus hits and the guitar jumps into some punk riffs, while the rest of the band keeps everything swing influenced. A nice swing-punk fusion you don't hear everyday. But the verse comes back in soon, and you start swingin' again. These guys show they're not just another ska-punk band. They prove to the world they have depth and talent, and can jump from one ska style to another, while still keeping a tight reference to their ska-punk background. "Laura" is a very bouncy ska-punk track that will get you dancing more than moshing. The guitar will run a mile a minute, so your feet will experience a nice workout trying to keep up. The vocals add nice hooks and melody, while the guitar backs them nicely. This track is definitely one that won't be forgotten once you've heard it. "Tell the Time" keeps a very strong punk dominance, while still throwing in the upbeat to keep you dancing and happy. But for the most part, you'll dive into the pit with this one, jumping and bouncing with friends. But when you do get a chance to dance, they serve it to you hot and heavy. The quick guitar and its upbeat, the blaring horns, and the overall happy mood can't be resisted. "It's Not About You, Kevin" closes out the CD in good standings. Some more ska-punk beats that will serve up fun melodies, hot skankin' beats, and an overall good time.

The Eclectics have a great future in front of them, and this CD proves it. Its ska-punk the whole family can enjoy. Blistering hot ska beats, melodic punk, and the nicely mixed in swing flavor on one track gives you everything you'll need to enjoy this CD. A definite A. Pick up this CD today!

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