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July 22, 2024

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The Allentons
Boulevard (Steady Beat Recordings)

By: Alex Steininger

The Allentons are a nine-piece traditional ska band. Playing music true to its roots, they serve up some hot grooves that will get you dancing in no time. Their music is warm, lovable, and most of all fun. Listening to their CD, you can choose to sit back and relax with it, or you can choose to get up and dance.

BOULEVARD starts off with "Molly," a hot number that shows this CD is hot from the get go. The song starts off with the keyboard, and then the rest of the band quickly jumps in. The guitar is dominant, keeping the rhythm at a mid-pace, and forcing you to dance. The vocals are strong, leading the song with great pride. And the horns, oh are they ever hot! When they bust in the song takes on a whole new life. They turn up the temperature a 100 degrees. "Flying Over Chicago" is a nice instrumental jam. The horns, once again, become the life of the party. Gently flying in the background, they wrap themselves around you and make you feel the comfort they portray. "Fallen" is a jazzy ska number that vibrates throughout your body. The first time I heard this song I couldn't stop dancing and moving, and the song is so powerful I still move each time I hear it. The vocals are strong and compliment the music nicely. The bass slides through the music with ease, creating stronger ground for the band to stand on. The drums are always soft and quiet in the background, tapping throughout the song and keeping the pace strong and steady. And the guitar once again serves up its fiery blaze, perfect to dance too. "Trenchtown" brings another instrumental to your ears. The keyboards play a large rule in this song. As they play in the background, it adds a more upbeat feel to the song. The keyboards dance like no other, while the horns add a soulful breeze to the song. Everything falls into place perfectly, and the end result is a nice song that will get you going. "Wonder No More" brings us a male/female singing combo. The female and male voice trade off, playing together perfectly. The female vocals can sing and carry a tune nicely, while the male vocals add a bit of a deeper touch to the music. A nice trade off which really brings out the song. "Pyramid 5" closes out the CD with another instrumental. The song is up tempo and perfect to dance too. The horns will enter your mind and take over, while the guitar will slide under your feet and make you dance. The percussion has control of feet, as you tap with it. A perfect closing to a great CD.

The Allentons dish out some very hearty traditional ska. Full of grooves and soul, these guys shouldn't be passed on. This CD is rock solid, and full of great songs. Not one song on this album is disappointing. Each one has their own identity, and will give you a lot of chances to dance with them. Pick up this CD today, you WILL enjoy it. I'll give it an A-.

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