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February 24, 2024

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Perpetual Faith Killer
Stalemate (Fantom Wreck-Chordstm)

By: ThugHustla

Imagine if you will a CD that has plenty of ear candy, and imagine a group that puts on excellent live shows. Imagine a group that plays as hard as you will ever hear any music. Now Imagine this group consisting of only one person except for live shows. This group is called "Perpetual Faith Killer" aka "PFK", and the mastermind behind it all is a lone man they call Frank. He is a man of few words but much to say. From his Intro to his last song he tells a lot of things he has felt, been through, and jus wants to get off his chest.

The first thing you hear on the CD is the intro, appropriately titled "Welcome". He mixed various clips from T.V. and himself letting you know where he stands from the get go. In the background he has an evil toned set of bells ringin all through it and a distorted guitar. It leads into the first song with a countdown from Houston. The first song is named "My Destrution", it is about giving trust to people and having it turned on turned on you and destryin your life. "What's Your Pain" is about being the opposite of what people like. It has a hard beat and breaks down to him tell you that,"Your word is only good as your intention....but not if you look like me".

"Black Rose/Want To Be" is about wanting to be with someone, but telling you how that person used you and torments your soul. By now if you were listening to the CD you would not want to stop listenin to it at all. As you can tell by now I am giving this CD an excellent review. I can't stop singin the praises for this CD. Now there is a song some people might not like, but you have to look into it a lil deeper than jus what the lyrics say. "Invisible Psychiatrist" is about god turning away from him, and he is mad and yells about him not being there when he needed him the most in his life.

In the second half of the CD there is a slow song. it is called "One Night" He is singing to a girl about how beautiful she is, and how much he wants to be with her. It is a lil too slow to be called Industrial like the rest of the CD but it is an addition that adds to the CD not subtracts. I am not gonna tell all the songs on this CD...I want you to get it and expeirience it for yourself, but I will tell about one more. The last song is called "Black Rose/Lost". It is like a remix of the otehr Black Rose, but the song has new lyrics and a new beat to it. It is the perfect song to end the CD with. He comes out to tell you that since he has nothing to lose he will use and abuse. He lets you know how his head is with these lyrics, "Why Do I hate the Things I want and Why do I want the Things I hate". You can tell someone needs some help here.

If you like Industrial music I recommend this CD. It is a lil' hard to get, but search for it. You won't mid the hassle after you listen to it the first time and the hundreds of times after. Remember when you are listening to it...keep a clear don't want to lose it with the lyrics that are tearing away at it.

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