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July 18, 2024

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Home (TVT Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Their TVT debut went from hardly moving to being hardly in stock when they reached gold status. And, after all the energy and power, as well as the blood, sweat, and tears that went into their debut, the band hopes to match and/or top it on their latest, HOME.

A cerebral cruise through intense melodies, wicked grooves, screaming guitars and vocals, and an undeniable rhythm section that, one minute, rips you in two and the next softly builds anticipation before it breaks down more walls is what this album is all about. Sevendust manage to re-capture everything they had going on their debut and bring it even deeper into the mind of the listener.

"Denial" is a blistering hard rocker that still possesses the heavy backdrop screaming over the melodic vocals that this band is best known for. The band lays down some of the most fierce, gut-wrenching beats in the background while Lajon, the lead singer, still enables the music with a melodic touch from his scream to soothing voice.

Then on "Insecure" the band takes the listener on a minute long journey through some cerebral maneuvers sure to echo in your brain. Setting you up for "Reconnect," a hard-hitter sure to knock you on your ass if you're not careful, "Insecure" whirls around in your head before "Reconnect" splits it wide open.

"Licking Cream" is a groove-filled number that screams and wails along with some intense beats; but it's main focus is the melodic guest vocalist who helps add harmony (believe it or not) and a gentle sweetness to the dark, heavy backdrop. As the music soars by, the vocal tracks on this song will amaze, warming you up and soothing any burns the hot, heavy music may cause.

"Bender," the album closer, features another guest vocalist, Chino from the Deftones. A standard Sevendust track destined to be a crowd and fan favorite. The grooves are in place, the guitars are so sharp and heavy they could break the strongest soul, all while the screaming vocals rip right through you before calming down (aka picking you up from the ground) before kicking you right back down.

The heavier they get, the more intense the sound. Yet, the softer and more melodic they get, the more intense the sound. You can't lose with Sevendust. They'll grab one ear with their melodic tendencies and the other ear with screaming and biting, trying to bring down the house with all their noise. They're the complete hard rock package; I'll give the album a B+.

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