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May 26, 2024

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Enter Self
Awaken In Agony (Lost Disciple)

By: Jeb Branin

As death metal comes charging back into the forefront of the extreme underground it shouldn't surprise anyone that there are going to be hordes of formulaic bands riding the wave. The trick is going to be identifying the bands whose take on the formula is one worthy of your time. ENTER SELF is one of those bands. They do absolutely nothing new with the sound and are not very remarkable in anyway yet I still find myself drawn to this CD. For me death metal is like classic punk, generic thrash, or good old anthem rock in the sense that I like the sound regardless of how many time I have heard variations of it. I can always throw on a well done death metal CD and enjoy what I am listening to regardless of whether it is the first or thousandth time I am hearing that particular spin on things. ENTER SELF are just a solid death metal band. Period. On most songs they mix fast cheese grater guitars with huge hammering rhythms but they aren't afraid to slow things down so they can simply pound away or even contrast their predominant sound with some melody and restraint. For fans of death this is not going to reshape your world but it certainly will rock it.
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