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June 15, 2024

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SHOW REVIEW: The Strokes and The Moldy Peaches
The 9:30 Club - October 29 (Washington, D.C.)

By: Martin Royle

Tell it like it is. I went to the Strokes show and danced the whole time, which was, yes, only about 45 minutes. They played songs from 'Is This It', an album that I like a lot, and I had a really good time. I danced like a fool to some good fucking tunes. But, to be fair, I'll voice a few criticisms that some of my friends had.

The band were not exactly rock and roll animals up there. The thing is, if you love the band, and love the songs, you're going to happy with the shows.

However, if you're into being won over by a live band, don't hold your breath. The Strokes are not pushing themselves. They're rocking the songs they wrote like they wrote them, and they're not going to talk to you too much either. It's rock and roll, take it or leave it.

The Moldy Peaches part of the evening was strange. I love these guys, they're really great. But last night there seemed to be a lot of ego up on stage. 6 months ago I saw them and they were an unassuming little folk band with excessive amounts of creativity. Last night they came off as some avant-garde experiment, with Adam Green acting like someone told him he was a sex symbol. Only the backing band seemed in tune with the true spirit of things, looking ludicrous and acting humble. Where as before the band gave off the vibe that they were really happy you were listening, last night it was a bit more 'well of course you're listening, this is creative.' Maybe I was too drunk, who knows.

I would like to mention that there were a lot of good looking girls at the show, and although I didn't have time to talk to you all, please be advised that I will get to all of you in the order that your call was received.

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