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June 14, 2024

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800 Octane
The Return (New School Records)

By: Jett Black

Portland, Oregon, LOOK OUT! Here they come again! 800 Octane blows me away with The Return. This brings me back home to films like The Outsiders, how it must have felt and did for me too as a young street punk back-in-the-day. And the label name really describes this music to a tee. It's New School Punk, just like the old punk, only now it actually sounds good. I mean I can understand the words and follow the change ups and not worry about whether my friends will think it's crap or cool. It's cool! There's no doubt about it. 800 Octane delivers 12, no wait! 13 tracks of pop-level punk rock and speedcore. I think my absolute favourite track has got to be "Day of the Dead" it's got that low down, slow down cruising bass and the speed'em up racing guitar, and when I listen to it right now, in my mind, I'm either driving in my car really fast careening down the arcade boulevard hitting trash barrels and shopping carts, or I'm throwing it down in the mosh pit reeling from the sweat and pain in my eyes, and winking at the girls on the circle's edge cheering me on with their wicked smiles, ruby red lips, and sparkling eyes. This is glory days celebration for an old school gutter punk. And at the same time, this vocalist Dave Chaney, brings it back even further to guys like Meatloaf and all the old horror flicks with zombies racing along at 5 miles a day. This is horrific b-movie anthem music that (with songs like "The Ghosts of Monochrome") will have you kicking the dust on the ballroom floor and gyrating your hips in time with the percussion, and croaking along with the lyrics racing through your hair. All you need now is a bucket of buttered popcorn! and a date for the show! Cath them LIVE now at the Roseland Theater Oct 26th with ME! because you know I am going to be right up front, pounding my feet, beating my hands against the stage, and spinning in twisted circles around the room as 800 Octane brings down the house!! You gotta check out this cover artwork, too! And, in fact, the entire cd insert is filled with these hollywood effects zombie ghoul-freak make-up and spilt blood and all that gore, Everything but the distended eyeball. Apparently, 800 Octane has a friend known as Lee Williamson who is a special effects student preparing for film work and such. With this cd, your going to get 6 up close and personal images of just how it's done. And then there's an extra shot of the boys from 800 Octane without any make-up. So, you can kinda flip back and forth and compare between the uglies. Plus, there's a complete song and lyric documentation spreading across the full color, 12 page cd insert. Bravo! and thanks goes out to 800 Octane and New School Records!
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