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July 13, 2024

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The Unseen
Explode (BYO Records)

By: Vinnie Apicella

You may not see 'em, but you sure can hear 'em-- loud and usually clear save for the occasionally cloudy vox and chaotic backing choir. The relatively youthful Boston-street Punks bellow and belt 'em out for the suffering masses on their latest "Explode" LP, an album racked with anger, pain, and self-loathing. Here lie twelve identifiably catchy tracks meant to present rather than revolt. Combining a volatile mix of Exploited-like aggression with a Sixer meets A-F style of melody, punch, and cynicism to go with a groove-heavy core of riffs and rolls, "Explode's" got 12 cuts that scale the wall of self-deprecation and stand proud. And all without the typical full-length gluttony that follows many a band's lead track for a basic 20-plus ball-out broken into measured increments of mindless drivel. The gang vocals and harmonic discourse reminds of the youthful spirit where fresh out of high kids spout off about real world phenomena and social unrest over a brash verse and fast pace. Incessant whining and interpersonal dilemma's stay cast aside in favor of truth, justice and a negative outlook on burning moments like lead screamer "False Hope," "Your Failure Is My Revenge," and two tell it like it is standouts, "Negative Outlook," and "So Sick Of You," railing against corruption and perceived commercialism. Bands that try too hard to be "Punk" usually fall flat and get picked apart from a mile away. The Unseen's got the chops to back up the wild haircuts, leather and boots look that's powerful enough to bowl of yer Pop/Punk pretty boys while keeping pace with the scruffy veterans out to prove a point.
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