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May 22, 2024

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Eunuch (Fuse Records)

By: Alex Steininger

N.I.L.8 is a four piece punk band featuring Jeff Williams, Bruce Williams, Lance Reynolds, and Eric White! Their new CD is called Eunuch, and contains 14 pure punk songs.

N.I.L.8 is guitar centered, hard hitting, punk rock. Hard hitting drums, harsh, fast guitar, killer bass, and vocals that go from screaming to talking to regular punk singing styles.

Fourteen tracks line Eunuch. "Cathedral of Erotic Misery" is the first track. It stars out with distorted vocals saying 'six times.' He says this too many times and it gets very repetitive. "Cathedral of Erotic Misery" is followed by "Nothing to Laugh About," which has some weird screaming, distorted talking vocals which just didn't do it for me. I listened to the whole song a few times and I just didn't like it that much. Then "Living Tar" comes on. It sheds more light for the album. Then "Porn Star" comes on. This is probably one of my favorite songs on the album. Once I got on this track I forgot about The first two. The chorus is very catchy "Gonna be the porno star, side show Bob the porno star." Very catchy and you find yourself singing it a lot. Then comes on "Hobgobblinspookadelic" a song with a long name, but a great song! It starts out with some great raw guitar and then the rest of the band starts getting into it (while the raw guitar is still in the background.) The great guitar on this song makes this track an album stand out. Then we move to track 6 "Bailed Up Into One." One thing is for sure, I do love the guitar on this album. It starts out with medium paced guitar plucking and then it comes into some faced paced guitar! The rest of the band is great, but I love the guitar. This is another favorite of mine on the album. Then onto "Invisible." A very slow intro starts of the song. Then some soft vocals come in. This song is different from the other tracks on the album for the fact that is a lot softer than the rest. But the band does a great job of doing a semi-soft song. "Slips Away," "Deceived," and "Mineral Spirits" (another great song) are the next three songs on the album. Then we come to "Overload." A raw energy intro brought to you by the guitar starts off this song. If this song doesn't make people get up and run around at a live show, I don't know what will. "Push it Down (You Mystery Date Dare Devil)", "Stone Thrower," and "I'm Insane Go" round out the album.

N.I.L.8 are definitely a band you should check out if they are in your area! If you are a punk fan, you should definitely go get this album. I would rate this album a B+. It has great guitar, great drumming, and a great bass player, but sometimes the vocals just didn't do it for me on songs. Whether it just be too fast of vocals or just too much distortion, I didn't feel it worked. Don't get me wrong, I like the album and most of the songs, I just didn't like the parts where the vocals differed from the norm.

Also, for the record, N.I.L.8 has recorded a new album entitled "Gnit Gnop" which was recorded in a bar and is a very rowdy album. It is due out early '96, so check it out when it is released. I'll keep you posted on it, and may even have a review of it in the future.

If you are interested in ordering "Eunuch" please go to your local mom and pop store, or order it straight from the label. You can contact the label at: [email protected], or you can call them at 1-312-549-610.

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