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May 23, 2024

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Satanic Surfers
666 Motor Inn (Burning Heart Records)

By: Alex Steininger

What do you expect when you put in a CD from a band named Satanic Surfers? I expected outbursts of 666 and songs about killing cats on Halloween. What I didn't expect from this four-piece, fast paced, melodic punk outlet was well constructed songs with lyrics that were about stuff other than the devil.

The CD starts off with "Soothing," a action paced, but melodic, punk rock song that will grab you and beat you against the wall and won't stop until they think you've had enough, and then BAM! They hit you with some more fierce guitars, heart pounding drums, and energetic bass lines that will make you want to jump up and down, and all around your room. You won't be able to contain yourself. And just as the song is "Soothing" your soul, you don't think it gets much better than this. But then "Even if Time Stood Still," comes along and proves this band has energy running through their blood, and won't put their instruments down until the last breathe. More fast paced guitar that will wrap you up like a python coming in for the kill, but this time add some very hooky guitars that will act as quick sand as your body sinks into every last chord. Once again the constant beating of the drums will send you flying across the room as you jump up and down, and move all around. Track three brings more of the familiar energy that we are used to at this point. "I Scream" keeps up the tempo, and keeps the blood surging through your body, but this time the juicy bass lines are even more present. Add to that some very nice vocals that are the farthest thing from screams, but rather energy translating the words for you. Track nine, "Silent Box," starts off with some very catchy guitar that you will find yourself playing air guitar too. Then the vocals enter into this rather slow song, compared to the rest. And then the drums kick everything into full gear. But the song is generally slower than some of the others, maybe a breather? But don't get me wrong. There is still pure energy dripping from this song, and even the drums and tone of this song will get you signing along to it as you indulge yourself with some great tunes. Track eleven, "You Can Count Your Money In Your Graves, You Filthy Bastards" (the third song on the CD that ends with you filthy Bastard. The others being track five "Fuck Off, You Filthy Bastards" and Track Six "Don't Tell Us What We Should Do With Our Bodies, You Filthy Bastards.) It starts out with the fast and aggressive guitar, and then it stops as the bass beats to the rhythm of your heart in the background. But then the song kicks into full gear and throws you into a frenzy. There's no stopping you now! You just want to move to the song. "Seed of Fear and Anger," finishes off the album.

Are you a punk who wants to see what other countries have to offer? Well look no further! Satanic Surfers offer a nice, fast and aggressive, loud, and melodic package that you can feast on all night and day. I give this CD an A. Check it out even if you aren't overly curious to see what other countries have to offer. You won't be disappointed.

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