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March 4, 2024

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Fight Dog Fight! (Awesome Dawson Records)

By: Alex Steininger

The Unemployed deliver a fast, punk sound on their current EP. Six songs clocking in under ten minutes on the album.

"Victim" is the first track on the CD. A fast, political punk rock song. The song talks about a guy on the street bleeding, because he is a victim of a hit and run. Life isn't always bright and sunny, and The Unemployed bring us the down side to humanity! The fact that everyone cares about themselves, and will let others die, just to save their butts. Track two, "Live at ABC," is fast and hard to understand. You have to pull out the lyrics sheet to understand one word they are saying. Track three is a "Lovesong." They slow the pace down a bit here, but with the quality of the recording, the fuzz is more abundant that the music. "Prisoner," is the next track up! Some melody added to their punk style this time. Next up is their cover of "Labamba." What is this? You can tell they were desperate to put something on the album, and this was the result. They regret it, but life's too short for regrets! The final track, "California," is the best track on the album. Rightfully so, it contains meaningful lyrics, "Assault on the poor in California/Assault on the poor in the United States," and a nice melodic punk beat to back it up.

The recording was crap. But instead of making a cheap demo tape, these guys went out and made a CD. They should be congratulated for this choice! When you get a demo CD to review, you look up at a lot more than you would a demo tape. The CD was rough, the music was rough, and the overall quality was next to nothing, but they are making an effort, and I applaud that! I could hear a lot of potential in these guys! Some good recordings, some practice, and some time should tighten these guys up. If they keep at it, they will be a dominating force in the indie market. I can only give this CD a B-. It was too short, lousy quality, and sloppy. But like I said, time will tell if they put forth the effort to succeed.

To get ahold of the band, please e-mail Lex at: [email protected]

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