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May 24, 2024

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The Daylights
Vehicle (Airforce Records Limited)

813 SE10th
Portland, Oregon 97214
By: Alex Steininger

For anyone that has read or heard about all the noise surrounding Seattle (Yeah...who hasn't) forget about it. The new name on the block to remember: PORTLAND, OREGON! That's right, and thanks to great bands like The Daylights, the scene here is energetic and growing each passing day. Fusing certain parts of heavy metal, punk, and regular rock and roll The Daylights create their own version of how rock should be. Powerful, emotional, fast, and full of energy!

Track one kicks it off with "Vehicle." Some fast and furious guitars kick it off, and then the rest of the band enters. And by this time your already in love, but then the chorus hits and your intoxicated with this great tune. Now your mind is running wild, and you can't wait for "Neurotica" to come on. It starts off with thick guitar and the drums, and then it spins into a more emotional state with the guitar playing something to touch your soul. The bass and drums contribute. The drums signal a change and then with some tight bass and hooks from the guitar the vocalist soon enters. Juicy hooks line the song, while the rhythm section play on everything quite deliciously. One thing great about The Daylights, each track contains great melody, and when the chorus hits each passing song becomes your new favorite on the album. But "The Lame" has to be my favorite track. When the vocals enter they are soft song and so powerful. Each word flows through your mind and hits you hard. The chunky guitar adds a great touch, as the vocals soothe all your pain. But then the chorus hits and the vocals pick up and add some power to them. Soon the song goes to a drum and bass only mood, while the vocals sing over them. I LOVE THIS! It brings out the emotion and just rips you to shreds. "From The Inside," starts out with some very heavy metal riffs, and then jumps into some very catchy fast rock, and then the band throws some juicy hooks your way when the chorus hits. At the end of the chorus some more heavy metal riffs are thrown in, but soon after the band jumps right back on the wagon and just rocks. "You should know by now/she's a creep/you can't believe what is really going on/did you forget just how it feels to be alive" rings the chorus, and there's no going back. The album has grabbed your mind and feed it what it needs. Powerful rock with emotion. Track six, "The 16th Minute," starts it off hard, goes soft, and then hits you with some more rock, right before it goes soft again. But wait, it picks up and throws all it's energy in your face. Did I say "The Lame" was my favorite song? No...I think this is my favorite track now. See what I mean? You hear a few more songs down the album and it's your favorite again. No matter how many times you listen to the album, you'll have a handful of favorites. And each time that song is on, it's your favorite. But five minutes later you have a new favorite. "20 Nothing Typical" it starts out with some riffs that remind me of some Filter riffs, and then the vocals enters and everything gets soft. The vocals softly sing the words, and then it hits you like lightning. From an energetic chorus, to the softly spoken words which portray so much anger and emotions. The CD closes out with "Flake." It starts out with some very fast guitar, and then in come the drums and bass in a punk like entry. "I don't want to be like you/because your just like me," rings the chorus. The distorted vocals moan their way through a soft background, and then the band kicks your ass with it's harsh chorus. Screams and everything. The CD finishes in a bang! And of course, there's a hidden track!

If your looking for some very aggressive rock, check out The Daylights. This album contains it all. Emotion, power, aggression, anger, and catchiness that will grab you from first listen, and not let go! This album is very solid! A definite A+.

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