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April 17, 2024

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Three Minute Hercules (Laundry Room Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Tubetop is one of the latest editions to Seattle's Laundry Room Records, the high royalty record label. And they bring us their pop-driven soft rock, full of harmonies and melodies. Very reminiscent of 60's style pop.

Track one, "Full Bloom," has the hooks to grab you, and the harmonies in the vocals that will fill you with so much joy! Track two, "Erika Smiles," is my favorite track on the album. Very soft guitar, light bass, and drums that keep the time are led by the mighty vocals in their soft tones, which carry the whole song. Strong lyrics that have a strong meaning are ever present on this song, and the emotions are perfectly executed with the vocalists sweet voice. Track three, "Passes For Love," is a more up tempo pop song that is very reminiscent of 60's pop. With the chorus comes the beating of the drums, and the raising of the voice, as it sings with joy. This isn't depressing Seattle rock. This is happy 60's style pop that does not sound outdated, but throws in a 90's touch to make it what it is. "What You See," starts off with the kind of beat you would find in a movie as the water beats down on the guys hat as he walks down the street to tell someone he loves her. A more up to date style plays while the vocals bleed out every ounce of soul it has. "It's a lie that growing old makes you wiser/It just makes you weary," is softly sung, and you feel every bit of emotion the song has to offer. Track nine, "Once Upona China," starts off with some guitar and then the rest of the band enters with the harmonies. The vocals are what carries the band, lending a nice touch of emotion to each word it sings. "The Rules" finishes off the CD with it's 80's like pop-metal guitar intro, and then it's quick change back to the pop that is very present throughout this album. Twelve tracks sure to lift your spirit is what you can expect from Tubetop on this album.

One good thing about Tubetop is they put great emotions into their already strong words, and they combine it with catchy pop melodies that are sure to make you want to just sit back and absorb the music. I give this album an A-.

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