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June 15, 2024

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Isaac Green and the Skalars
Skoolin' with Skalars (Moon Ska Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Isaac Green and the Skalars are a nine piece ska band from St. Louis, Missouri. And bringing them to you is none other than Moon Ska themselves! This band, lead by female vocals, combines a mellow, danceable beat with lyrics that everyone can relate too.

This CD starts off with "Spoiled Brat." Everyone can relate to this. Everyone knows of someone who is a "Spoiled Brat" and wines when things don't go there way. And this is what the song is about. The vocalist sings, "we all have problems I don't care about, you are a spoiled brat." And in a danceable beat, you can't help but be swallowed. When track two comes around, "Beechwood 4-5789," you can't but think in your head this band is tremendously talented and will bring us a lot of great music in their career. And this album is no exception. Track three, one of my personal favorites, "Puppet Lover," just hits the spot. A story about a girl who wants more than her loser boyfriend who treats her like crap. A bright horn section, vocals that make you want to melt on the stop, and beats than make you feel like your soaring through the sky! This song has it all. Then the bass line starts off track four. Enter the guitar and drums, and now vocals and the song starts to make you want to move. As the vocals ring out, "Don't count on getting what you want/but appreciate it/when it comes," you can't help but think they are talking about yourself. Everyone has wanted something badly in their life and that is what the song is about. Expecting something so much, and they are telling you not to expect it, but when it does come appreciate it. And when the horns enter you just want to groove with the music. But the part that gets me the most is when the music gets soft and the vocals belt out this phrase: Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want, that's what my mother told me. And if that's true, I've had more experience than anyone should have! But the next track changes the pace a little with "Bloodshot Eyes." A more upbeat song. Faster, and with male vocals. But this talented band can do the one thing I hate and still make it interesting! Switching vocals usually bugs me to death, but they successfully do it here. We jump to track eleven. A beautiful horn starting, harmonious vocals soothing your soul, and an overall flow that makes you want to just sit back and forget your problems. There are a total of twelve tracks on this great CD!

Isaac Green and the Skalars have a bright future ahead of them! They are very hot and this CD is a great demonstration of what they can do! If you are into Ska, pick up this CD! You won't regret it. I have to give this CD an A+ rating. The female vocals, what can I say, made me fall in love with the band from the very start. They melted me like butter! This band is great! Don't forget their name next time you are in the market for a new CD!

***To order this CD, visit the Moon Ska NYC web page:

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