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April 18, 2024

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Press (Asian Man Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Thanks to Asian Man Records, MU330 is re-releasing their first album. Hear how it all started. And for your listening pleasures, two extra press-era tracks are included.

MU330 kicks off the CD with "Hoosier Love," an energetic number sure to get every listener up and skankin'. Combine their superb talent to keep you on your toes having fun their comical lyrics, that are sure to put a big smile on your face, and the night has only begun. "Stuff" brings you some more humor, ska guitar that is sure to make your feet enjoy a non-stop evening, tremendous horns that add an even happier mood to the air, and bass lines that add a little more energy to your dance steps. The vocals are even strong, which adds great versatility to the song. "Bagelbird" has some very nice bass in the opening (and throughout the song), and great horns that will light up your eyes in the beginning. The vocals are sung at a higher pitch, which adds a certain humorous twist to the song. When the chorus hits, the backing vocals add a stronger touch to the vocals, which translates into great portrayal of emotion. It gets their feelings out, while still keeping a humorous touch when the verse starts back up again. The title track starts out with a heavy metal undertone, while the horns are sounding off to add contrast to the dark feeling the guitars are providing. Then they bust into the ska melodies you want to hear, but the song is still a bit darker than the rest. This gives them time to show you their more serious sides. This number isn't one you can really get up and dance to, so take the time out and rest, you'll need it. Track nine, "Captain," starts out with some up tempo ska beats that you'll be dancing to, and then they take a side trip somewhere, but safely return with some more happy ska to feed your dancing spirit with. Then they hit the chorus again, which sounds like them just goofing off, but do pull themselves together again and play the ska. "Kong," track eleven, is one of the extra songs only available on this disc. The songs as bright and hot as the sun. Don't waste any time, hit the dance floor and start skankin'. Fast and full of energy, these guys throw the beats at you left and right, while your feet do all the hard work on your part. This is one of the best tracks on the album. "Fist Fulla Nuts," the second extra song, closes out this fine CD. The extra vocalists add a good touch, while the music keeps you dancing until the very end.

Press is definitely a CD you should check out. I give it an A. If your in the mood to have a good time, get this CD, because a good time is what you'll get. The horns will provide energy, while the guitar, bass, and drums will provide the temptation for you get up and have the time of your life. Enjoy this CD in the privacy of your own home, or invite over some friends and have a party!

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