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July 12, 2024

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The Hippos
Forget The World (Stiff Dog Records/Fueled By Ramen)

By: Alex Steininger

Here it is folks...The Hippos! A split release brought to us by Stiff Dog Records and Fueled By Ramen. A delicate blend of pop, punk, and ska. But wait, there's more! Throw on top of all that a touch of Latin percussion, and lyrics dealing with loneliness and love, and you have The Hippos!

They kick it off with "Far Behind." It starts out with a distorted intro of vocals and acoustic guitar, and quickly bursts into the music you came to hear. A powerful horn section drives you wild, while the guitar is screeching in the background. Soon the vocals enter and the pace mildly changes. Then when the chorus hits your a goner. Don't look now, but they've wrapped their hands around you and your sold. The horns run around in your mind during the chorus with so much energy, and the vocals spit out pessimistic lyrics about how life doesn't seem to be going his way. Then they break into some ska guitar and slow the pace down and all you can do is stand there. Your putty in their hands. This album has already took you hostage. One track into it and your gone. All your mind can think is, "I want more! Give me more." When track two, "Please," comes on your mind is satisfied. It starts out with some very addictive ska guitar and when the horns enter the guitar quickly changes. The Latin percussion touch is added and all hell breaks loose. You start moving to the music at this point. When the vocals come on they are very desperate and portray a theme of loneliness. This is skatire (satire mixed in with ska) at it's best. The vocals melodically sing out about being a loner and driving in the carpool lane, eventually getting pulled over and ticketed by the CHP. When the chorus hits the horns come on, the guitar picks up, and the drums pound away like there is no tomorrow. Then it goes back to it's steady pace with the terrific percussion, ska guitar, the bass keeping everything together, and lonely cry's for help coming out of the vocals. "Celebrate," starts out with soft cymbals, and a horn section as bright as the nightly stars on a clear night. Eventually the chorus comes on and your legs start jumping around to the beat. And lyrics like "I celebrate my days of hate/cause know I see/that your nothing to me" add a powerful touch to the song. Track nine is a fantastic cover of The Police's "So Lonely." A soft song that portrays a lot of emotion, and then the chorus hits and adds a kick to the song, and it then settles down to feed your brain with more emotion. The CD ends on a hopeful note. Instead of their lonely hearts pouring out their guts, they just decide to be happy and "Forget The World." There, of course, is a hidden track! Get the CD and you too can hear it!

The Hippos are an up-and-coming band, and with ska hitting radio stations across the nation, these guys have nothing to be down about. Their future is as bright and cheery as the feelings you get when you hear their horn section. Believe me, in a few years these guys will be topping the chart! They are nothing less than spectacular. A definite A+. Don't waste time to even get dressed. Jump out of bed and BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!!

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