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July 24, 2024

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Crab Rangoon (Asian Man Records)

By: Alex Steininger

MU330 is back with a blast. This rock-ska five-piece knows how to kick out addictive melodies with lyrics that range from serious to humorous. Fourteen tracks equal their new album, Crab Rangoon.

The CD starts out with "Tune Me Out." Fast paced, energetic ska that will rock your world. It starts off with some clean rock n' roll, and then it busts into some ska riffs. You'll be dancing and running like crazy. The song has so much energy to it, and with the horns blasting in the background you'll get a very happy feeling. The drums beat hard, while the guitar just rocks. On top of all that the bass keeps everything intact, and then there is the horns. They'll send warm flashes through your body with their hot and lively sound. "Funny Papers" is a good pop-rock track that wheels you in with all it's hooks, and keeps your attention with even more hooks. The vocals are great, while the band keeps it tight and fun. "Neighbor" takes it back to the world of ska. A very upbeat, danceable song that will make you work. That's right, it's so bouncy and friendly, you'll be drawn in. Once your drawn in, you'll go on a mad dancing craze, jumping and bouncing around your room with a big smile on your face. The grin will reach your ears, and you'll be having the time of your life. "Father Friendly" is another rock n' roll track that has lots of hooks and will get you singing along in no time. Very infectious rock combined with controversial lyrics, and people are bound to flock to this track. The song is about being molested by a priest (Father Friendly) and his staff. Many have argued over it's meaning. Is it a serious blast at the Catholic religion, or is it all done in fun, trying to make fun at a priest who molests little boys? Some are laughing, some are pissed. My take on the situation: calm down, it's just rock. Have fun, enjoy yourself, and whatever you think the song is about, that's what it means. I think it's done all in fun. So calm down. "The Struggle of Helen" is a weird combination of ska and rock. This song really didn't impress me. It wasn't as catchy or as infectious as the tracks before it. It seems they got lazy, or had too much fun on this track. It seems very disorganized and sloppy. "Good Homes" brings us some more delicious, bouncy ska that will get you up and about in no time. Add a splash of rock for power, and you have yourself a good time. "Around You" adds some punk rock to the mix. Fast guitars, hammering bass, and drums that constantly go boom! are what you'll find on this track. It only clocks in a tad over a minute. Not only is the music fast, so is the song. The CD closes out with "Now." A great way to end the CD. Bright horns, some skankin' guitar licks, and pure rock n' roll. It all amounts to fun! But wait, there is some hidden track material. Another song, and some weird video game sounds.

MU330 is all about fun, and that is what their CD will give to you. A good time is to be had by all who listen to this CD. From rock to ska, these guys can play it all. Although I will admit this CD is a lot more rock than ska, it is still a very danceable CD that will find your feet tapping and moving a lot! I'll give this CD a B-.

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