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April 17, 2024

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Remain in Light (Sire Records)

By: Brian Barry

I know I've said it before, I'm deaf as hell. Click to the next article. My ears are bleeding, my hands shake, my chest hurts, I cry at night. I'm so unimpressed by everything. The movies suck, music sucks, telemarketing has to be the worst job ever conceived. What else? I've given up on pop and headed towards the sweet beaches and sandy shores of Jazz. Miles Davis and "Kind of Blue" - I even went to Rufus King Park in Queens, threw down a blanket, and took in the wonderous sounds of the JVC Jazz Festival. Recent pop is as stimulating as computerized telemarketing. Folks, let's go back in time to one of the most incredible albums ever produced, Talkingheads "Remain in Light". Ladies and Gents, this masterpiece was created in 1980. It was a a call in the dark by two of music's most underrated prophets. No one listened to Nostradomus and 90% of his visions have come true!

Allah, Buddha, Isis, Osiris, Zeus, Jesus, Jehovah got together at a Sunday smoke fest, put down their royal straight flushes, whispered the word "Music", and with ringed pinkies and from underneath rings of Cuban clouds, touched ever-so-gently the right sides of Mr. David Byrne and Mr. Brian Eno. There will never again be an album so revolutionary. "Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)" can never be reproduced. For it's time, it transcended any other thought on musical evolution. The arrangement is nothing short of genius. This is an album that today's pop freaks can spin while they fiddle with sour chords and wonder why their music lives suck so much because they will never be as good as God on tape. The Heads are legendary and their music must be a staple in the diets of every up and coming pop hipster who walks the streets looking for an insane booking agent or an unused Metro card for a free trip back to their suburban mommy-daddy lives in Oakwood Heights, Staten Island. Hell, I'm not deaf. Why the hell do I think that way all the time. It's not me man, everyone else has panicked tympanics. My round window has been open for years, it's everyone else who has their shades down. So, to the Crosseyed and Painless, this album comes Once in a Lifetime, so turn off Z-100, beat up little Jimmy for turning it on in the first place, and take a skiddaddle over to Mom and Pop's Discount Vinyl and New or Used CD Palace on the highway, place down a few bucks from Sally's piggy, and purchase what pop should have been for the last 2 decades. Third Eye Who? The Squirrel Huh? The Wallwhats? Pop? Sound? Music? Grammy? 1998? Who?

Songs include:
Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On), Crosseyed and Painless, THe Great Curve, Once in a Lifetime, Houses in Motion, Seen and Not Seen, Listening Wind, The Overload.

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