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July 23, 2024

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Brutiful Fearing 6" (Six Weeks)

By: Jeb Branin

Okay, okay first things first... I only have a couple of other 6"ers in my collection so this wins instant record collector dork bonus points from me. That said... I have heard so much about this band that I was more than a little eager to finally hear their music. I have to admit to being rather surprised and pleasantly so. As progenitors of the tongue in cheek "bandana thrash" movement W.H.N.? were tagged as a throw back to the skate-core/metal-core sound of the 1980s. As a result I expected a band that was more of a novelty than anything else... A band that made a concerted effort to sound like something from the past. Instead this records shows a band that, although influenced by the aforementioned scene, without question interprets that influence by filtering it through the neo-thrash sounds of the more violent and ferocious 90s sound. This isn't really a throwback sound at all. It is simply a different flavor of quasi-thrash that incorporates dissimilar vibes than most of their contemporaries. Their sound is simpler and more direct than the norm. It utilizes conventions like discernable lead vocals, moshable guitar bridges and gang vocals during the chorus. But I resent, as do the band I'm sure, any implication that because this vibe is not what is currently popular that it is somehow less valid or entertaining than the more recognizable power violence of today. W.H.N.? are definitely one of those bands that are in it for fun so crank this up and have fun with it. Duh!
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