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May 23, 2024

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Total Fucking Destruction
Demo 2000 CD-R (Def American)

By: Jeb Branin

This band is sticking its middle finger in the air to just about anyone and everyone. Their whole image is corpse-painted black metal, but you get the feeling it is more of a parody than an attempt to be "scary" or "cool". Black metal fans who have no perspective on their scene will be offended. You gotta love that! That doesn't mean T.F.D. aren't serious tho'. They are. Their lyrics pull no punches and have a notably political edge to them. Misanthropic attitudes, anti bureaucratic ranting and pure spite pepper their songs. Musically they play a wrathful brand of hyper-blasting thrash/grind with twisted electronic enhancements and a sense of urgency. Buried somewhere in the wall of sound being constructed by T.F.D. there is a keen sense of musical counterpoise that sounds jazz inspired. Not necessarily improv but rather loose and unrestrained, kinda like the whole thing is about to surrender to entropy but somehow never does. They take their listeners to the brink of chaos and then dangle them over the edge... never letting go but always threatening too. It is like a torture that instead of scaring you away leaves you wanting more. You've never heard anything like it, I promise.
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