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June 22, 2024

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Daycare Swindlers
Heathen Radio (Go Kart Records)

By: Vinnie Apicella

"Heathen Radio" takes everything that was ever cool about Punk in the first place, rolls it up, chews and spits it out over pasty-faced Pop posers guised as bottom rung bad boys. That is to say, they're a modern day original that don't flash the fashion, and considering how classic American Punk never fully ran its course having bit the big one the day Thrash Metal came to town, and funny how tides turn, Daycare Swindlers are a continuation of where bands like The Misfits, Black Flag, and Minor Threat left off with an unbridled, unholy passion (I know, wrong band but close e-fucking-nuff!) and inexcusable intent to rile, defile, and devastate any and all instruments within their 25 fingered grasp! Rapid fire chord progressions, and flashy twin lead guitar fills squeeze every last ounce of OI(!) out of two minute tirades bent less on preaching from the political pulpit and more on-- well whatever else a title like "Anne Greebie" or "Wolverine" might suggest, but we know we're patriotically-driven when the last charter for the "U.S." sets with the minute and a half closing! That's "U.S. Or Bust." But fuck it, we're going fast, playing loud, and for the first in a long time, there's no digging in the lint filled empty pockets of the leftover seventies' where everyone and their grandfather who isn't parading around in a pair of vans, glasses, and text books yelling "Buy our album, we're Punk," is a ripped jeaned Stooges freak with an MC5 revivalist tag peelin' a few layers down the hippie highway-- Nothing wrong with it but it just signifies how little attention is given to the mighty mouths of the golden age who fought the laws, lived in vans, and rode the crowds only to be shit-canned by the very scene they once fueled and lost favor for once the camera started rolling. So "Heathen Radio," Daycare Swindler's fourth record since their mid-90s gathering, is about thirty minutes worth of all those bands with a likeness of today's no bullshit 100 proof purists -- Anti Heroes, Niblick Henbane, Oxymoron, The Forgotten, et al-- a Youth Brigade cover, and the undoubted eternal ire of their local college station manager.
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