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May 25, 2024

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Heather (Enabler Records)

By: Vinnie Apicella

Making it safe to act stupid, praise Satan and smile, Jerzee's Satanicide's all about taking the music back. Funny how you can get a band like this, dress 'em up like Britny Fox, regurgitate classic Angus riffs and Blues scales, sing about the standard staples of the '80s "hair" scene, and they still sell records and sell out shows in this thought of age of seriousness and stiffs. Okay, we're not talking platinum selling proportions here, but a fair amount considering they began only a short time ago and package themselves as every Rock n' Roll clich? that ever was-- and will be again. Too bad Spinal Tap's been done before, these guys would be right there, wigs and all. "Heather's" their debut record and sold over eight grand before it was even released! Think the Rock scene's primed for a party? Hell yeah! The four dudes, part-time veterans of the Jersey shore scene, undoubtedly cut their teeth on the pay to play, play the cover role, make an outrageous statement that's an outward parody of Sunset Strip excess but inwardly, plays the hell out of the tunes with a string breaking seriousness that's downright deadly and addictive. Tracks like the opener "'69 Chevy," "We Rock," and "NYC 2 Nite" recall the likes of early Crue, Krokus, Hanoi Rocks and many of your '82-'83 era fashion plate packages just with heavier riffs, faster fingers and a vocal octave or two beyond the balls -- catch their unexpectedly clever yet caustic cover of Celine's "Titanic" hit, "My Heart Will Go On," which tears to shreds any precept of ridicule for pinpoint reference. "20 Sided Die" and their anthemic "Jer-Z Nites" both break through as big winners here, closing out and moving into heavier directions and several years ahead on the Rock calendar -- and this may be a first, but comparatively speaking, the sound's dead on Vescera-led Loudness of the late '80s! Their off stage antics will grab the attention, but the integrity of the songs is what'll keep 'em coming back. These guys push the party bus past any previously existing boundaries that once minimized the effect of a latecomer Cock Rock revival and let it all hang out for the world to see.
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