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April 22, 2024

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Suffrajett (In Music We Trust Records)

By: Scott D. Lewis

From the very beginning, when Suffrajett's singer, Simi, snarls, "I wanna let you know that you're acting like an asshole," it's clear that this band and this album aren't holding back or taking any prisoners. A Brooklyn-based outfit, Suffrajett sounds like a sexy Kathleen Hanna fronting Cheap Trick, the Go-Go's on ephedrine and Joan Jett amped up on Red Bull and streaking through an amusement park all in one. A bit of PJ Harvey-styled slutty blues flows through "Sorrow," while the preceding "The Drugs" overflows with rough-edged pop and a lust-fueled sense of abandon. Just four songs in and this band has already mined gold and run circles around the pen of female-fronted alt.rock bands clogging up the system. And there's more musical mayhem coming. "Gone," with its opiated push-and-pull pace and Simi's heavily distorted coos and sneers is simply not safe to listen to while operating heavy machinery, while "NY" has the type of nervous energy which demands that the listener jump up and down like a blissful fool while listening. A touch of Thin Lizzy or Bad Company's brawny, stoic guitar riffs inform "Cry Baby," and are tempered by swath's of keyboards and Simi's chirpy, sing-song vocals. The ideal blend of sweet and sour, attitude and art, stability and insanity...Suffrajett get placed squarely on top of the pile.
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