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February 24, 2024

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Destorying the Faith
By: Todd Follett


Look for Down's (The New Orleans band who put out their debut album, NOLA, in 1995, and are the gods of modern day metal in my humble opinion) second album either late this year or early next year. It would've been sooner, and I guess they've been ready to record, but they're all on tour, currently. Yes, that's right, we can all look forward to a new offering of haunting Southern Metal at it's FINEST from Phil Anselmo of PanterA (vocals, occasional guitar), Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity (guitar), Kirk Windstein of Crowbar (guitar), Todd Strange of Crowbar (bass), and Jim Bower of EyeHateGod (drums). I can't wait. Be sure to look for a review you-know-where.


That's right, the ultimate metal band (to me, second only to Down), PanterA, is putting out yet another album this year to tide PanterA's legion of fans (including me) over until the new album gets released. Expect 10 live tracks of their best songs, recorded live since the release of Far Beyond Driven (1994), and The Great Southern Trendkill (1996), to be pounding their vibrations through your skull, as well as 2 ALL NEW tracks recorded late last April to kick you in the ass!!! YES!

Of course, I'll be giving you guys a review, as well, on their new home video coming out on the same date as this new CD (July 29). If you haven't checked out the two previous PanterA vids, Vulgar Video and Cowboys From Hell, and you're ANY one of the unrelentingly faithful PanterA fans, check 'em out or you'll be sorry(Vulgar Video would be the best, though CFH still RULES)!


Throughout the next few issues, I'm gonna run this survey, and I want to hear from you all. Write in to my E-mail address ([email protected]), let me know what you think.

Metallica has certainly changed their musical style, and not to my liking at all. I feel they have betrayed their spirit and did what they spoke out against, what they prided themselves on never doing: SELLING OUT. It's not so much the music I hate, it's the fact it came from Metallica. Many of you, however, do not feel like this, and I want to know how each one of you feels about this issue in each of the following ways:

(Please indicate also whether you have liked Metallica only since LOAD, the black album, before that, or indicate that you do NOT like Metallica.)

1) Do you like LOAD?

2) Do you feel Metallica has sold out?

3) Would you buy a new record by them, if more like their old tunes?

4) Would you buy a new record by them, if more of the same LOAD?

5) Do you like their new look? (Chinstuds, makeup, short haircuts)

6) Would you(or have you) gone to a post-LOAD concert?

Please make all answers to #1-6 YES or NO.

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