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February 8, 2023

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Voodoo Glow Skulls
Baile De Los Locos (Epitaph Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Voodoo Glow Skulls is back with their combination of powerful, fast punk rock and light ska additions. Add to that a spicy touch, and you have their sound: Mexi-punk.

The title track starts off the CD with a band. Hard, pounding drums keep the beat while the fast and furious guitar lends fistful. The bass heats up and adds a kick to the song. The horns lend a helping hand to add a softer side to the song. But with their fast and vigorous blowing, they just add more depth and power to the song. The song is even in Spanish. Hard to understand vocals are present throughout "My Soul Is Sick." The song is so fast and powerful, and the vocals are so rough and full of snarls, it's hard to understand Voodoo often. The songs are packed with so much energy, it would be nice to understand the lyrics and see what power resides in them. But your not let that option. Even after several listens to the CD I can only understand what he is saying ten percent of the time. Maybe it's me? Who knows. Track four brings us a Voodoo's always powerful sound in "Bulletproof." This is one of the songs I understand most of the words in it. It's a song about kids these days and how they think they are just plain bulletproof. Nothing will happen to them, everything will happen to someone else. And that's what they bank on, while not thinking that their own consequences will bring them a downfall. "Elephantitis" comes in at track five. What is Elephantitis? "It's about having big nuts. Sure some people will read into it, but it's just a joke, you know, about big nuts," explains the fact sheet Epitaph provides. And in "Elephantitis" the band actually slows things down a little and lets you absorb their nice horns, and quick, skankin' guitar beats. If all the songs were like this, Voodoo Glow Skulls would be number one with a bullet. "Los Hombres Nollorah" brings us some more heart-pounding, Mexi-punk action. It's also in Spanish, just like two other tracks on this album: the title track and "Nazican." "Motel Six" starts out with heavy drums and thick horns, and then transfers into a lighter sound for Voodoo. This continues for about a minute, and then the guitar starts to screech, and the song jumps into full gear. They even throw some melody and hooks into this one. Another album stand-out. The CD closes out with "This Ain't No Disco." But wait, there's another track! Voodoo Glow Skull's cover of "Feliz Navidad." But, like usual, they add a spicy, south of the border spice to it!

Voodoo Glow Skulls aren't a bad band. They are sometimes too fast and powerful for their own good, though. Their music is great, but their vocalist (Frank) is somewhat lacking. His fast paced snarls leave a lot to be desired. If your a fan of Voodoo, pick this album up. If your not and you want to experiment with them because your into punk-ska, try and listen to the CD first to see if you like it. They are definitely a whole new experience. I would give this album a B-.

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