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July 12, 2024

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Say Uncle (OffTime Records/P.O. Box 220763/El Paso, Texas 79913)

By: Alex Steininger

Shyster is a fast paced punk band from Florida. Take anything from the California punk scene and speed it up, and you have Shyster. Their first full length is now available on OffTime Records.

The CD starts off with speed on "Broken Line." The drums beat a mile per minute, while the guitar screams through it's part. The bass thumps and pounds it's way into your heart and everything is thrusted upon you with such precision, you can tell these guys are very comfortable playing fast. Because they never slow down. They just keep on playing faster and faster. They don't want to you take a break and breathe. They want you to show your endurance and take the journey with them. "Ride" brings you another intense experience. These guys sure know how to rock, and they're going to make you listen. The drums beat so ferociously that your feet start tapping to them, while the bass gets so powerful it shakes your body. And the guitar, it screams in your ears causing a ringing that won't leave for days. "Guttwrench" shows the weak side of the band, through the lyrics. The lyrics tell the story of regrets that can't be changed. Now that it's been done, it can't be changed, and the person telling the story tells the story with words like, "I did it. I hate myself for it." Through fast pounding melodies to conquering drums you'll find everything here, locked in the warp speed beats they constantly churn out. "Sigh" is another song that shows the fears and weakness of this band. Lost loves hurt everyone, and the vocalist tells the story of a lost love. This time the song is slightly slower than usually. The guitar is still heavy and thick, but not as fast. They slow it down to help get the emotions across. But don't worry, the bass and drums are still working as hard as usual. "Homecoming" picks up everything to the fast and ferocious beats that you've come accustomed to. The music stops so the vocalist can mutter the words, "I've been gone for so long," and then it picks up slightly for the word "homecoming" to be sang, and then back to the ferocious beats that rip through this CD. "Lull" ends this thirteen track CD. And guess how they end it? If you guessed fast with passion, you guessed right.

Fast punk melodies are full and plenty on this CD. If you're tired of the California, take a trip to Florida and enjoy Shyster. They play it fast, loud, and with spirit. I'll give this CD a B.

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