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July 15, 2024

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Napalm Death
Breed to Breathe EP

By: [email protected]

So here's napalm deaths latest offering on the extreme metal scene, a great little EP entitled "Breed to Breath."

Now no only has this got some great new songs on, but also includes an interactive thingy to use with your PC! This includes the brilliant banned video to Breath the Breed, a discography, biography and band history in general. Ok, so the computer side is neat, now what about the music.

Well if you own the latest album, "Inside the torn apart," you'll know the title track of this EP only to well. For those who don't have the pleasure of owning one of the metal highlights of '97, "Breed To Breathe" is an absolutely storming, classic metal track. The next track is "All Intense Purposes," and starts with a traditional Barney Greenway growl at the beginning. Great stuff! Again, featuring a crunching guitar riff, pounding bass and aggressive drums, simple, but god is it affective. The next track, "Stranger now" is generally more of the same music "Breed To Breathe" served up. You wonder how, after recording that great album, Napalm Death managed to go back into the studio and record songs with such energy and aggression in them! "Bleed Dry" and "Time will come" are blistering, fast, angst-ridden songs. No real surprises there! But the last track on this otherwise flawless little gem is quite appalling. Imagine Barney's normal growl, but then with him emptying his balder system at the same time, you're pretty close to what we have here. "Suffer The Children" is bad, very bad. But don't let that put you off, that's not gonna spoil this excellent EP. Six tracks, five of which are absolutely blinding for Five Pounds (UK Price). Do you see anyone complaining about that?

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