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March 20, 2023

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Come Clean (Universal Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia are the musical duo behind Curve. Combining rock, industrial, drum 'n' bass, and techno they form their own sound of "technology" enhanced rock 'n' roll. Some may even call it techno-dustrial. But after a four year break, these guys are back with another full-length sure to please fans, and show the world why "patience pays."

From the opening notes of "Chinese Burn" you're taken into a deep and dark world that is known as the cerebral cortex of Curve. The song has energy and intensity, passion and flavor, as well as some techno dance beats mixed in with it. With all this diversity thrown into one big pot, they come out with a very unique sound. And as you get deeper and deeper into the CD, they don't let you down. They keep the beats high and intense, always spinning something new your way. "Dog Bone" takes the techno out and throws a heavier mix your way. The music is hard, while the vocals and swirling beats of melody tone the music down to a softer pace. Contrasting everything nicely, the music will reflect the mood your in. If you're in a good mood, this song will be an energetic piece to feed off of. And if you're in a bad mood, this song will throw anger your way and help you to relieve stress while indulging in some good music. "Killer Baby" brings us back to some techno-dustrial tunes. The song has an abrasive side to it, but it is also very soft and low key, hooking into your emotions and feeding off anything you're feeling. Curve has a great sense of savvy to them, and knowing how to drive the song into the right direction, before quickly swerving to miss an object on the road and jumping into another style is one of them. "Cotton Candy" once again displays their talent. Relying heavily on bass 'n' drum influences, this song is a ravers delight. It will get you spinning, while visions of flashing lights pop into your head. One listen to this track and you're taken away to a dance club where the beats are hot and the music loud, surrounded by flashes of light to bring the full experience to you. And with "Recovery" they bring they this to a close. Another song that will undoubtedly take you in with its calm side, while catering to your wild side with its abrasive tendencies. Bite for bite, it offers everything you want from the music, and then throws something new at you each time.

Toni's vocals are strong, and add a nice female contrast to the general tone of the music. The music itself is enchanting, and molds itself around your moods. One minute the song is something to you, while another minute it will be completely different, depending on how you're feeling. And that is the great ability these guys bring to their music. A terrific mold, not only of different musical styles, but of different emotions. If you're into techno, industrial, or drum 'n' bass this is one CD that will cross all genres and please almost any fan of the "technological" age of music. I'll give this CD an A-.

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