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March 1, 2024

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Billy King
Part Of The World [Cassette] (Holler Sounds)

By: Gary Pig Gold

Those words "power" and "pop" sure are being thrown around far too indiscriminately these days, I believe. Time was, pop(ular) music stood for not only a certain hummable level of quality, but a pretty widespread mass- acceptance of same as well (yes, I'm even talking airplay here). But it's since become, to some at least, the domain and possession of a tribe of Rickenbacker-and-portastudio-fixated record collectors who toil alone and lonely in their garages and basements, emerging only occasionally to squabble about Big Star reunions on the Internet. That ranted, let me say up front that Billy King does, in fact, work out of his home studio, and in relative obscurity as well - but that could pretty soon change. For Part Of The World is powerful pop in the true-bluest sense of the word: meaning Everlys, Beatles, even - dare I say it? - F.Mac, all thoughtfully arranged and hook-filled; passionately written and sung. There's nary a whiff of retro-trending here, despite the many nods to genres past (rockabilly, Britpop, even a Pet Sound-ing instrumental) and not-so-past (would you believe the odd wash of Eno-y guitar?!): Billy's obviously a young student, and a big fan, of rock'n'pop in its many forms, and the songwriting and arrangements, varied and voluptuous to a fault, reflect both hard work and fun with his chosen craft. It sure will be interesting to see where Billy travels next; however, for the here and now, don't dare hesitate in writing today for your very own Part Of The World.
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