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May 20, 2024

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Alien Crime Syndicate
Alien Crime Syndicate EP (Collective Fruit)

By: Alex Steininger

Moving to Seattle from L.A., after everyone at their label, and all the bands, were let go, Alien Crime Syndicate is fronted by former Meicies front man, Joe Reineke. With a knack for writing clever, highly infectious pop songs, Alien Crime Syndicate shines on their five song EP. What is especially amazing is the fact that these songs are demos, as the full-length they recorded is tied up in the corporate world now (not to fear, it will be released soon on Seattle indie Collective Fruit).

With a space-pop essence going for it, Alien Crime Syndicate opens up with "Tripping Up To The Clouds," an amazingly catchy number that will quickly turn heads and turn you into a fan. After I heard this one I was stunned. I couldn't take this album out of the CD player. Joe's voice is melodic and easily understood, giving the song an even more refined pop angle, while the spacey air running through the song dazzles.

After a song like that you would think things couldn't get better, but they do. "Here With You" furthers the band's ability to pour out clever pop hooks backed by tight rhythms and heart-felt lyrics. The lead vocals ring throughout the song, while the backing ones add a very beautiful edge to the music. You'll be singing along in no time to this one, as it is so infectious, as you sing it your friends will be drawn in.

The only downfall to this five-song EP is the final track, a Jonathan Richman cover song, "Pablo." The ex-president of the band's old label suggested that they cover this song. So they did. When they turned it in, they never heard another word about it, which is no mystery. Not that the song is bad, but it doesn't have the catchy pop hooks or the charm that Alien Crime Syndicate originals do. It is a funky-pop number way out there; you'll either love it or despise it. There is no in the middle with this one.

When this band releasing their full-length album, they'll take Seattle by storm. Guaranteed! This band is nothing short of amazing. There is just something special about this band. Maybe it is their ability to write finely tuned pop songs with some of the cleverest hooks, or their good lyrical sense. Whatever it is, this band is just good. I'll give this an A.

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