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June 20, 2024

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New Breed - A South African Metal Compilation (Witch Doctor Records)

By: Jeb Branin

South Africa's metal underground has been blasting away in obscurity for years and only recently has started to garner the international attention that it deserves, thanks in large part to many of the bands represented on this disk and to the internet which allows smaller scenes to come to the attention of a world wide audience. If you have ever been ths slightest bit curious as to what South Africa has to offer extreme metal or if you are just a fan of great compilations in general this is one worth tracking down. The bands on this comp are MJOLLNIR (black metal), GROINCHURN (phenomenal grind), V (intelligent extreme metal), DEMACRETIA (in-death-strial), CRYSTAL DAWN (melodic black), MESADOTH (Thrash metal - do you think they just don't care that their name practically plagiarizes Megadeth or are they just stupid?), AZREALLA'S SORROW (melodic black metal - great name!), GRAMLICH (goth/doom/epic/dark metal), NOCTURNAL DOMINION (high speed black/death with atmospheric breakdown - this one is superb!), GORELOCK (sort of a neo-GRIM REAPER sound and could be really good except for the absolutely idiotic and sophomoric lyrics), RAPTURE (heavy metal but pretty bad), P.I.T.T. (death metal), DEVIATE (grinding death - excellent), MORTHOR (oldschool thrash death) and RETRIBUTION DENIED (black death and one of the best tracks on the album). The only gripe I would have with the entire CD is that the booklet and tray card seem to have been sloppily done with a couple of misspellings and a few things omitted like the name of a song.
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