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July 23, 2024

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Deadly Scavengers (Cult DVD/MVD)
By: Randy Harward

B-flicks are an art on two levels. First, the Suck Factor. Practitioners of this cinematic style know it is possible to make a good film with a modicum of talent, finance and equipment. The results, by design, suck...but they suck with brilliance. That is to say, despite their limitations, they take more chances than big-dollar Hollywood tripe and are overall more entertaining. Often, the man behind the camera is the only thing the film has going for it, the only guy with enough intelligence to take a mountain of Suck and make it a fountain of Cool. For this, we overlook poor acting. We allow some play with linear logic...any logic, for that matter. But once in a while, some doofus comes along with everything but the smarts and makes a B-flick that is so terrible, so impossibly LAME, one is stunned to silence, left to ponder the question: Can stupid people ruin underground cinema just like they ruined "conventional" cinema? Suffice it to say, yes. Deadly Scavengers, with its horrid plot, lame locally-produced commercial style effects and butt-ugly, butt-fucking STUPID cast is the proof. F
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